Review: Sabrina Carpenter “Please Please Pleases” Gov Ball With the First Live Performance of Her Single

Sabrina Carpenter © Paigge Warton, Gov Ball 2024
Sabrina Carpenter © Paigge Warton, Gov Ball 2024
Just days after releasing “Please Please Please,” Sabrina Carpenter performed her perfectly “Short n’ Sweet” Gov Ball mainstage set.
“Please Please Please” – Sabrina Carpenter

She’s one of the biggest up-and-coming artists in the pop music scene — even if she’s a petite 4 foot 11 inches tall.

Chants of “Sabrina” broke out several minutes before the singer was scheduled to perform on the Governors Ball mainstage. Then, the screen projected a message from Carpenter herself, welcoming fans to her show.

“Whoops,” the message continued. ”Nearly forgot my mic. One sec.”

Complete with massive platforms and a dainty cream-colored one-piece outfit, Carpenter sashayed on stage for “Read Your Mind.” The song transitioned into “Feather,” including her fan-favorite dance interlude of The Cardigans’ “Lovefool.”

Sabrina Carpenter © Deanie Chen, Gov Ball 2024
Sabrina Carpenter © Deanie Chen, Gov Ball 2024

With the artist currently living in New York and growing up in Pennsylvania, she explained that performing in the city felt like home. There were nods to her upcoming album Short n’ Sweet scattered throughout her set, including red lipstick kisses on the drum set and her guitar.

Of course, there were also posters littering the audience. One read “where’s Barry,” referencing Carpenter’s relationship with Saltburn’s Barry Keoghan. Another said “sluts 4 Sabrina.”

Unfortunately, the singer explained, they needed thicker Sharpies — the only poster she could read said, “Please please please play ‘Please Please Please.’” She was happy to oblige.

“Look, I know I said I can’t relate to desperation but I’m just a girl,” Carpenter joked, before mentioning this was her first time performing the new single live.

“I heard that you’re an actor,
so act like a stand-up guy,

Whatever devil’s inside you,
don’t let him out tonight,

I tell them it’s just your culture
and everyone rolls their eyes.”
– “Please Please Please,” Sabrina Carpenter

Later, the artist noticed that fans needed a “pick-me-up.” She suggested Red Bull before nixing the idea — adding that she’ll never get a brand deal for dissing the energy drink onstage. The solution, she continued, was a “me espresso” as the music transitioned into the pop hit.

Since its release earlier this April, “Espresso” has quickly become one of Carpenter’s best-known tracks – and a Top 5 song on the Billboard charts. The live version was filled with cutesy choreography and moments for fans to sing/scream along. After all, she’s working late… because she’s a singer, obviously.

Sabrina Carpenter © Paigge Warton, Gov Ball 2024
“Say you can’t sleep, baby, I know, that’s that me, espresso.” Sabrina Carpenter at Gov Ball 2024 © Paigge Warton

And it wouldn’t be a Sabrina Carpenter set without a “Nonsense” outro — this one referenced Pride Month and her appearance at New York City’s music festival.

Do I text him back, that’s such a tough call,” she mused while scratching her head. “That won’t fit inside me, bro, I’m dumb small, people who hate pride can suck my Gov Balls.”

Despite her silly, self-aware lyrics (a better journalist would describe them as “Nonsense,” the best journalist wouldn’t mention them at all,) Sabrina Carpenter was just as charismatic as you would want her to be.

In a world where people take themselves too seriously, this performance was a breath of fresh air.

Or a shot of espresso, if you will.

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“Espresso” – Sabrina Carpenter

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