Premiere: Gestures & Sounds’ Driving “To: Rivers, From: Chomp”

Gestures & Sounds © 2017
Gestures & Sounds © 2017

There’s an unmistakeable drive about Gestures & Sounds latest mesmerizing song: Mixing acoustic, folk and rock elements, “To: Rivers, From: Chomp” is a powerfully vibrant song about resilience and perseverance, no matter what the cost.

I got lost down by the river just the other day
we waded through the water just to get away
I fell a little silent just under the tide
It wasn’t long before we made it to the other side
“To: Rivers, From: Chomp” – Gestures & Sounds
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “To: Rivers, From: Chomp,” the latest single from Gestures & Sounds’ upcoming debut album Bill Nye Thinks We’re a Band (independently out 9/15/2017). Consisting of Erik Fashingbauer, Jory Federighi, Brian LeGoo, and Jeremy Lombardo, the Los Angeles-based alternative are a mixed bag of influence that allows them to stand out in an often homogenous landscape: With horns, vibrant piano, acoustic and electric guitars and more, the band really do defy barriers in their incorporation of vast sounds, intricate melodies, and passionate repetition.

Bill Nye Thinks We're a Band - Gestures & Sounds
Bill Nye Thinks We’re a Band – Gestures & Sounds
All this water running to the sea
will sink your caution eventually

“‘To: Rivers, From: Chomp’ started as just an acoustic guitar riff I used to play,” recalls songwriter Erik Fashingbauer. “When we all started jamming it together, (pianist) Jory (Federighi) had all these awesome complimentary piano parts so we kind of built the song so we could utilize all of these different parts in a unique way. I think personally I was inspired instrumentally by The Dr. Dog song, ‘Lonesome.’ We did a ton of experimenting on this track with different sounds including the slide guitar and the horns which was incredibly fun!”

Dynamic energies crest and troph as Gestures & Sounds build ambitious waves of tension and release.

Gestures & Sounds © 2017
Gestures & Sounds © 2017
I got sick down by the river just the other day
You made it through the chorus just to hear me say
Its been just a little while, its been just a little hard to find
It took just a little time to find a fine place I find I can hide behind
All this water running to the sea
will sink your caution eventually
Gestures & Sounds © 2017
Gestures & Sounds © 2017

Evoking everyone from Modest Mouse to Dr. Dog and Dawes, “To: Rivers, From: Chomp” keeps us on our toes throughout. “The guitar riff was really folk sounding so I really wanted it to be tied to nature in some way. Shortly before I started playing riff I had a really interesting experience exploring the woods with a friend of mine back in Wisconsin and the lyrics are loosely based on that experience,” the band explains.

“To: Rivers, From: Chomp” is the quintessential let the music do the talking song, a track pulling together loose imagery to evoke a feeling, rather than a story. Gestures & Sounds’ success in balancing mood and music is incredible: Be on the lookout for their debut Bill Nye Thinks We’re a Band, out September 15!

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Bill Nye Thinks We're a Band - Gestures & Sounds

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