Today’s Song: Rebounder Embrace the Groove on “Where Are You Later On, Forever?”

Rebounder "Where Are You Later On, Forever?"
Rebounder "Where Are You Later On, Forever?"
With seemingly each passing season and month, New York City’s Rebounder lean further into their billing as the next big thing out of the Big Apple, with a fashionable strut and stomp to songs like “Where Are You Later On, Forever?” – matched only by a rapturous audience at packed live shows.
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“Where Are You Later On, Forever?” – Rebounder

Rebounder were at first a rather mysterious outfit on the heels the release of “Japanese Posters” in the late 2010s, but in the years since, they’ve firmly cemented themselves as the “next big thing” – or rather, that moment happens to be taking place right now. Or so it seems.

And a recent sold-out – and not just sold out, but positively jam-packed – show at low-slung Brooklyn club Baby’s All Right took the hype one step further.

Where Are You Later On, Forever? - Rebounder
Where Are You Later On, Forever? – Rebounder

It’s an intriguing proposition to see a band play an “early” show on a Saturday night (in this case, stage time was about 9 p.m.), but that sort of timing tends to put a band on full display: A typical club night, this was not.

Rebounder – Dylan Chenfield out in front, accented by bassist and vocalist Noah Chenfield, plus Zach Kantor on guitar and Cobey Arner on drums – hit a pleasing sweet spot, somewhere between the groove of Cage The Elephant and the modern-day swagger of Cold War Kids.

I’m no attention seeker but with you, I’m like a preacher, trying to entertain the congregation” is but one prime example of that swagger at play in the group’s most recent (November 2023) single.

But if the band’s recent Baby’s All Right show is any indication – bolstered by plenty of new material and a fervent crowd – there’s much more on the way from Rebounder.

“Japanese Posters” recently passed 20 million streams on Spotify (and counting), and “Where Are You Later On, Forever?” plays off the band’s penchant for snappy word play and a peppy blend of indie rock and pop.

To see it happen in real time is an intoxicating phenomenon, only bolstered by the band’s style (including a 2022 J. Crew campaign appearance by the quartet).

The band also recently shared photos on X (formerly Twitter) of a campaign for high fashion minimalist brand Kitsune, the latest in a string of stylish appearances by the dapper group.

For now, Rebounder have no formal tour dates listed online, but the perspective of their frontman and leader offers some fascinating insights in the meantime.

In a December essay told to culture Web site Talkhouse, Dylan Chenfield mused on the band’s role in the New York scene and indeed, rock n’roll culture in the Big Apple at large.

“New York is still a city full of young people trying to throw parties on a grid shaped by empire builders, and the change is brought by the high turnover rates from both groups. Kingmakers and it-girls come and go, but the streets stay the same,” he said in the personal essay on New York rock n’roll.

If Rebounder’s recent work is any indication, they’re a band that’ll be sticking around New York City and making noise – from Bowery Ballroom to Baby’s All Right and beyond – for some time to come.

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“Where Are You Later On, Forever?” – Rebounder

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Where Are You Later On, Forever? - Rebounder

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