Today’s Song: Samaria Flees to Open Waters in Tantalizing “Serial Recluse”

Samaria © RYDER
Samaria © RYDER
Whether a cry for peace of mind or an ode to the toxicity of Los Angeles’ ruthless entertainment industry, Samaria’s “serial recluse,” off her new EP, ‘Even Paradise Rains,’ provides for an enchanting listening experience.
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Stream: “serial recluse” – Samaria

Young people have been dealt a bad hand. The terrifying current state of global affairs pairs beautifully with a unique set of everyday uncertainties. Those pursuing their passions get rewarded with a dysfunctional job market, while many need to ditch a kidney or two just to pay their share of rent on a closet-sized apartment. The ensuing anxiety is amplified by one glance at LinkedIn or Instagram. Sally got her dream gig; Bobby is flexing his new car again; happy photo; happy photo once more – constant comparison is a curse, and the desire to run away from it is as strong as can be.

Even Paradise Rains - Samaria
Even Paradise Rains – Samaria

Samaria’s single “serial recluse” encapsulates that desperation to a tee, as the track pendulums between fed-up hopelessness and dreams of a better place from start to finish.

An urgent acoustic melody paves the way for the Bay Area native’s effortless runs of which are equal parts enthralling and panic-ridden. She sounds marooned as she dreams of being anywhere but her current base in the City of Angels:

The constant comparison
Makes me wish I never got in at all
Found waves to soften the fall
Rely on a boat to escape from it all
"serial recluse" single art - Samaria
“serial recluse” single art – Samaria

The bass kicks in before the sound of seagulls and crashing waves can completely sweep the listener away. A piercing synth starts oscillating in tandem with Samaria’s candied vocals. Reality strikes like being woken by an emergency alarm on the television: the beach in her dream does not exist. She is actually standing in quicksand, sinking quicker the more she struggles.

And I still get stuck here
Deep in my mind, it gets rough here
Not safe, I can’t open up here
All out of places to run

Whether a cry for peace of mind or an ode to the toxicity of Los Angeles’ ruthless entertainment industry, “serial recluse” provides for an enchanting listening experience. Constant comparison leads to claustrophobia, and as the melody fades, the listener finds themselves beckoning for a view of the open ocean as well.

Samaria © @ryd.der
Samaria © @ryd.der

“serial recluse” was released on November 28, 2023 as the lead single for Samaria’s newest full-length project, Even Paradise Rains, which was released on Jan. 12. The singer’s idiosyncratic brand of alternative R&B is bound to make waves in the year to come; let’s hope she is here to stay.

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Stream: “serial recluse” – Samaria

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Even Paradise Rains - Samaria

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