Today’s Song: The Distorted World in Secret Shame’s “Dark”

Secret Shame
Secret Shame
Asheville, North Carolina post-punks Secret Shame will suck you into galactic madness with their new single “Dark.”
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When a song has the ability to transport you to another world, it’s special. In Secret Shame’s “Dark,” the world resembles a drunken night at crowded club, stumbling around blurry silhouettes and falling deeper into blackness. as a band with songs titled “Who Died in Our Backyard” and “Lights Out,” the whole experiences reverberates with a thrilling sense of danger – especially when you’re greeted with the casual, “Carcassed shell of animal / Help me hurt you.”

Dark by Secret Shame
Dark – Secret Shame

But Secret Shame don’t want to hurt you. The post-punk five-piece — consisting of Lena on vocals, Ryynikki on guitar, Nathan on drums, Matthew on bass, Billie on guitar and synths — just want to let you dip your feet into their galactic madness, and you can decide for yourself whether or not to let it envelope you. However, “Dark” has such an irresistible charm to it, it’s almost too hypnotic to press pause. It feels like falling under a spell as Lena’s silky voice mixes with the tumultuous waves of synths and fast-paced distortion: “Pain that doesn’t matter at all, prodding you for easy pleasure, / Easy pleasure numbs you down / Numb your way / Stop, hold on / Hold your fire / Reachin desire / Fade.”

It’s almost expected that this bunch is from Asheville, North Carolina: Their unique sound is a testament to the importance of creative DIY communities. However, more than anything, the inspiration derives from ’80s deathrock, making profound proclamations to sonic chaos: “Heaven hurts you – unbeknownst to heathen lives / You will adapt to what heals / And reject it all.”

Secret Shame
Secret Shame

The morbidness is not new to Secret Shame. However, this track is the first that serves as an all-encompassing experience, proving that they can get even creepier. It is more sonorous and convincing, and this is an enhancement that will definitely pour into their debut album Dark Synthetics – out 09/06/19!

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Dark Synthetics - Secret Shame

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