Today’s Song: Atlanta’s Microwave Find Serenity With “Huperzine Dreams”

Microwave © Cameron Flaisch
Microwave © Cameron Flaisch
Atlanta alt-rock trio Microwave close out their excellent upcoming album ‘Let’s Start Degeneracy’ with “Huperzine Dreams,” a dreamy indie pop song.
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Stream: “Huperzine Dreams” – Microwave

At the end of the journey of Microwave’s Let’s Start Degeneracy (out April 26 via Pure Noise Records), you get a soothing coda to the record.

After the Atlanta band explores disenchantment with failing institutions (“Circling the Drain”), efforts to combat depression (“Bored of Being Sad”), and a slew of other feelings, the upcoming album’s closing number “Huperzine Dreams” feels like they’re making peace with their place in the world and trying to accept the things that they can’t control.

Let’s Start Degeneracy - Microwave
Let’s Start Degeneracy – Microwave

Let’s Start Degeneracy sees the inventive alt-rock trio stretching the bounds of their emo and punk contemporaries. Whether they’re embracing a more straightforward 90s alternative sound on a track like “Circling the Drain,” getting funky on the title track, or psychedelic dream pop on “Ferrari,” the band happily venture into exciting new territory on this record. In “Huperzine Dreams,” the band finish their album with a laidback, piano-driven, ambient pop tune.

As frontperson Nathan Hardy sings softly in a dreamy tone over an instrumental, reminiscent of lo-fi hip hop, he occasionally dips into his falsetto, which is fitting as the track was named after a supplement, which people use to assist with lucid dreams. It serves as the perfect mission statement for the record. “This album is about letting go of attachments and behaviors that aren’t serving you and trying to shake off your programming and not be motivated by fear and guilt and shame,” Hardy said in a press release announcing the album.

“What if everything’s as perfect as we suspected it would be?
What if we dropped the catastrophic fatalist philosophies
And looked at what’s around us?”

While the song certainly takes on the hazy atmosphere of a dream-like state, Hardy does expound on a larger philosophy that can be applied to even those who are not looking to experience lucid dreaming. In a larger sense, it feels like an embrace of the world around you, accepting things as they are and finding an appreciation for the simpler things. As he sings in some of the most clearly enunciated words on the track, he encourages you to breathe it all in and try to see the perfection that’s right in front of us, even if everything doesn’t seem as perfect as you’d hope. “When you lose everything, the whole world becomes your home,” he sings.

When you lose everything,
the whole world becomes your home

the heathen doomed welcome you to the fold
trickling down gods porcelain throne
getting the one-way ticket
itching to get on with it
in a pair of green shades
running every red light
feeding the flame oxygen
feeling the room start spinning
cutting all ties saying goodbye

Even though the first batch of singles from Microwave’s Let’s Start Degeneracy showed off some of the musical paths that they’ll go down on the album, “Huperzine Dreams” shows just how far the band is willing to take it. As songs like “Bored of Being Sad” and “Straw Hat” showed off the intensity and bounce that the band will bring to the table, the closing track brings the album to an end with a soothing high note.

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Stream: “Huperzine Dreams” – Microwave

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