Premiere: Falling for If Walls Could Talk’s Sunny “Summertime”

If Walls Could Talk paint a dreamy ode to the perfect day in “Summertime,” a sunny falling-in-love full of alternative glory.

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Detroit band If Walls Could Talk not only have one of the best band names around; they also have an incredible knack for crafting catchy melodies. The band paint a dreamy ode to the perfect day in “Summertime,” a sunny falling-in-love full of alternative glory.

If Walls Could Talk - What Would They Say?
If Walls Could Talk – What Would They Say?
In summertime,
Fall in love is what your heart decides
You don’t stop and think to wonder why
You just gaze into beautiful eyes

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Summertime,” the sterling single off If Walls Could Talk’s What Would They Say? EP, originally released in 2016 and re-released earlier this month as a deluxe record. “Summertime” may be a two-year-old song, but the track has a certain timelessness that transcends date and place: Thus, now is as good a time as ever to get to know If Walls Could Talk, the four-piece of Tony Burke, Nick DiStefano, Zack Spoutz, Whitey, Steven Fronrath. With influences ranging from Coldplay to Muse, the band evoke sunny alternative pop/rock with an ear for crisp pop perfection.

In other words, “Summertime” is a perfect summer song: Charmingly warm and bright, If Walls Could Talk fall head-over-heals in a dynamic display of heartfelt passion and vulnerability.

In summertime,
Miss you even though it’s been one night
You don’t realize till she’s gone from sight
How much care and love is deep inside
I think I’m falling for you
Yeah, I’m in love
I think I’m falling for you
Yeah, I’m in love

“Summertime is about an unexpected romantic love that blossoms in the midst of the summer,” vocalist Anthony Berkseth (aka Tony Burke) tells Atwood Magazine. “It deals with the concept of love at first sight and a deep understanding held between two soulmates. This song specifically speaks of the very beginning of a relationship, perhaps even before it has been fully established. This is most prevalent in the line, “I think I’m falling for you.” It’s a line Burke sings over and over in his beautifully sweet falsetto, emotion rolling off his tongue and into our ears as the band rise with heated energy.

The video for “Summertime” perfectly captures the song’s dreamy story of wanting, hoping, and ultimately, having. We get to know the band as they bathe on the beach, play the board game Risk on the sand (a personal highlight), and ultimately we see a love interest pop out of the blue. It’s an idealization of that “summer sun, something’s begun” mentality – one we can’t help but go gaga for as we sing along to that jubilant chorus:

I think I’m falling for you
Yeah, I’m in love

Stream If Walls Could Talk’s “Summertime” video exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and dive deeper into the music below as Tony Burke shares the song’s personal significance and the deeper meanings behind the video itself!

Watch: “Summertime” – If Walls Could Talk

The song, “Summertime,” has always been important to me. It was the first song of mine that I performed in front of an audience before being in the band. It was the first song I felt really good about. What people said about it had inspired me to write more and continue that style of music.
Doing this music video was kind of like an unexpected dream come true. I never really imagined this song going anywhere while writing it, I was just expressing myself. While making the video, I definitely channeled the feelings I had while writing it which felt very satisfying and complete.
The song deals with two loves: the secret summertime love and the love for summer itself. We definitely draw off this idea in the video by representing those two figures. As a result, it sets up a meaningful, yet carefree, mood.
One of the coolest aspects of the video is the fact that it continues on from our previous video, “Sleepless.” The last video ended with the hope of love which turned out to be only a dream. This video brings back the secret love in an interesting way and continues the story.
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If Walls Could Talk - What Would They Say?

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