Atwood In Focus: November 6th New Music

Atwood in Focus: New Music, 11/6/2015
Atwood in Focus: New Music, 11/6/2015

This week’s new music releases

November 6, 2015

featuring The Japanese House, NoMBe, HØØNCH, Wayfarers, CLAVVS, The New Tarot & more!

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Clean – The Japanese House


In “California Girls,” NoMBe explored the volatility of a relationship; in “Miss Mirage,” he dove into emotional turmoil and heartache; now, in “Kemosabe,” NoMBe appears to have completed the bargaining stage and moved on to acceptance, observing the absurdity of love and emotion from a distance while finding new ways of expressing his nostalgia for a past that will remain in the past… NoMBe takes these personal, yet shared experiences and creates a truly inimitable work of art, freezing those moments and all their thoughts and feelings in time. In that sense, “Kemosabe” is NoMBe’s closure.

Listen: “Kemosabe” – NoMBe


Sometimes a feelgood song is all you want in your day. Enter HØØNCH and their debut single “Top,” a glistening indie-pop gem that hits in all the right ways. Whether you connect with the shining whistle-backed guitars or the push-and-pull nature of falling in love, “Top” is just the tip of the iceberg as HØØNCH head from the bottom to the…

Watch: “Top” – HØØNCH

And The Echo

Dark, finely-crafted synthpop… What more can you ask for? 

Listen: “Pulse” – And The Echo

Art Angels – Grimes

Life’s a Beach – Cut Snake


They’re the coolest sunglasses around, and now they’re a cool band! Wayfarers​ is the ‘stylish’ NY/LA duo of Katie Cecil and Anthony Purpura. The three songs they’ve put out in the past six months have all been glittery, bombastic indie pop gems, with uncontrollably addictive high-flying choruses and bouncy, forward-driving verses. There’s nothing quite like seeing the artist having more fun making the music than you are listening to it – the energy exploding out of “Just Our Style” is palpable, like the warmth from a baby’s smile. Here’s a band that knows how to live in the heat of the moment.
Party on, Wayfarers; party on.

Listen: “Colors” – Wayfarers

Watch: “Just Our Style” – Wayfarers


Amber Renee’s voice could kill the most anthemic pop tunes, but she opts for the depth and clarity of dark, mesmerizing electro-pop as one-half of CLAVVS. Together, Renee and Graham Marsh craft delicate and emphatic alt-pop.

Listen: “Throats” – CLAVVS

One – Kate Boy

Death in the Afternoon – Death in the Afternoon

The New Tarot

Sisters Monika and Karen Walker were born to perform: Loud, energetic anthems with tight rock and soul make The New Tarot a memorable, refreshing experience. “Stella” and “Tell Me You Like Me” are so far away from each other on the musical color spectrum that they could plausibly come from two different artists, but such is the valuable beauty of a band coming into its own: The New Tarot are digging for gold in all the right places.

Watch: “Stella” – The New Tarot

Listen: “Tell Me You Like Me” – The New Tarot

Oh Wonder January 2016 Tour Poster
Oh Wonder January 2016 Tour Poster

Listen: “Can’t Stop” – Palace feat. GodWolf

Watch: “Fake Love” – Cemetery Sun

Listen: “Back to the Start” – Old Man Canyon

Into Focus EP – Panama Wedding

EP II – Sundara Karma

Watch: “Your Type” – Carly Rae Jepsen

Listen: “Better” – The Suffers

New America – REMMI

Lip Tricks – Hudson Thames

Listen: “Better Than Being With You” – East Love

Watch: “Broken Wing” – Good Night Gold Dust

Listen: “Strung Out” – Ula Ruth

Homecoming – ASTR

Gold Rush – salute

Watch: “Tiptoe” – Gracie and Rachel

Listen: “Confide” – whisperer

Elaenia – Floating Points

Steady – Kingslynn

Listen: “Some Nerve” – Skyler Cocco

Watch: “Merry Us, Carry Us” – Flagship

Listen: “Ideals” – Denny

Atwood in Focus: New Music, 11/6/2015
Atwood in Focus: New Music, 11/6/2015

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