Atwood In Focus: October 23rd New Music

Atwood in Focus: New Music, 10/23/2015

This week’s new music releases

October 23, 2015

featuring The Blue Stones, Dresses, The Japanese House, Cardboard Kids & more!

Playlist of the Week – Atwood Magazine

Watch: “Anchor” – Novo Amor

Listen: “Believe” – Western Scene

Watch: “Hello” – Adele

Listen: “U’ve Broken” – Lin

Listen: “Warrior” – Shmu

Legendary – Powers

Treasure – LÉON

Watch: “Sure Shot” – The Auras

Listen: “Alright” – LEMMO

Ticonderoga – The Mosers

Pray For Rain – Pure Bathing Culture

Watch: “Wasted Love” – The Romantic Era

Listen: “w/o u” – GEMS

How You Look… – Birthmark

Shame – Petal

Watch: “Could Have Been Me” – The Struts (On Tour Now!)

Listen: “Meeting Skylar” – James Quick

Pretend – Seinabo Sey

Astoria – Marianas Trench

Listen: “Cannonball” – Skylar Grey ft. X Ambassadors

Listen: “Wouldn’t Change A Thing” – Jackson Breit


Blow – Emily Clibourn

Atwood in Focus: New Music, 10/23/2015

Atwood in Focus: New Music, 10/23/2015

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