Premiere: Aron Blom’s Breathtaking Live Performance of Intimate Debut “Low Low Low”

Aron Blom’s “Low Low Low” live performance is a breathtaking moment of emotion, passion, and intimacy.

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I’m holding on for something more, there’s beauty in this world I know…

Sweden’s got a new fiery folk artist on the rise, but whereas others go high, he’s going low. Singer/songwriter Aron Blom dazzles in his debut single “Low Low Low,” a stirring expression of emotion and passion.

What’s more, the song is even better live.

Aron Blom - Low Low Low
Low Low Low – Aron Blom
Man down
Stand ground
Brace yourself
Man down
Hands up high
Brace yourself

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the live version of “Low Low Low,” Aron Blom’s debut single (released January 18, 2019 via Cosmos Music). A Swedish singer/songwriter in the vein of George Ezra, James Bay, Hozier, and Vance Joy, Aron Blom is a folk-pop phenomenon in the making.

Wielding a sweet, strong voice and  an impressive understanding of the guitar and all its nuances, Aron Blom presents himself off the bat as a polished, finessed singer/songwriter. “Low Low Low” is a heartfelt anthem – massive but intimate, stoic yet vulnerable.

In the song’s initial release, Blom expressed its multi-dimensionality; of how he could feel simultaneously big and small, fearful yet hopeful, weak and strong.

”There is a lot of shit going on in the world,” he explains. “But as history’s shown, there’s always been a lot of shit going on in the world. Some things will get better, other things perhaps won’t. And even what’s considered ”better” I guess will change.”

To add more fuel to the fire, Blom also gets a kick out of seeing “Low Low Low” as an interpolation of Michelle Obama’s famous quote, “When they go low, we go high.”

We were not gonna fall just yet
But I guess we did
We fell for our own self doubt
I fell for you hard I know
But I’d do it once more
How far down can we go
When the heaven drops
Up and down, inside out
Then we go low low low
Then we go low low low low low
When the sky falls
Up and down, inside out
Then we go low low low
Then we go low low low low low
Aron Blom 2019
Aron Blom. The blue vintage military jacket Aron is wearing is his grandfather’s jacket from WWI. Coincidentally, “Low Low Low” released exactly 100 years (to the day) after the allied nations of WWI sat down to negotiate what became the peace treaty to end that war.

The new live version of “Low Low Low,” recorded at dusk in the frigid Scandinavian cold, captures Blom at his most raw (not to mention his ability to withstand the most extreme climate conditions). Blom keeps his cool while letting the acoustic song take on a life of his own. With the lapping water providing a calming backing track, Blom ebbs and flows with sincerity while inviting us to join in his reverie.

“I’m mainly a guitarist and a vocalist, and while I explore all kinds of genres and instrumentalizations in my music, what I generally fall back on at live shows is just the guitar and my voice,” Blom tells Atwood Magazine. “Consuming music is, for me, dependent on the situation; some music is better for clubs, others better for funerals. When I contacted producer Felix Svedestig about producing “Low Low Low,” I said I wanted it to be a song great for doing the dishes to. Honestly! That might sound trivial but I mean, most people do it every day… the market is huge! And with that in mind, maybe this acoustic version is good for riding the bus! I think so.”

Violence, Patience
We might need both
So let’s chase our demons
And not let go
We’re not gonna break just yet
We’ve still got time
We’ll take it step by step by step ’cause…

However you want to experience this song, “Low Low Low” live is a breathtaking moment of emotion, passion, and intimacy. Stream the video exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Aron Blom - Low Low Low

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