Today’s Song: AlienBlaze Creates a Fusion of Rock, Rap, & Raw Emotions in “Lovesick”

AlienBlaze © 2023
AlienBlaze © 2023
British singer/songwriter AlienBlaze teams up with OmenXIII to ignite a sonic explosion with their new single “LOVESICK.”
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Stream: “Lovesick” – AlienBlaze ft. OmenXIII

British singer/songwriter AlienBlaze is like nothing you’ve seen or heard before. With a unique style and genre-fluid sound, the young 20 year old artist has forged her own path, setting her aside from the rest. Her music features a fascinating concoction of dark alternative pop, grunge, emo, rock and electronic music, resulting in a hypnotic blend and one that keeps you coming back for more. Her latest single “Lovesick” (featuring OmenXIII) introduces another genre to her repertoire, with the track featuring EDM and rap elements. An unlikely pairing, but one that seems to work so well.

Lovesick - AlienBlaze
Lovesick – AlienBlaze
Forget I ever said I liked you
In the heat of the moment I think I’m in love
And I’m tired of my behaviour
It’s what a year of waiting does to you

Whilst constantly venturing into new sonic territories, there is one thing that always remains consistent with AlienBlaze and that is her unapologetic attitude. With a fiery spirit and unwavering determination, everything she creates always reflects 100% of who she is and we’re sure to hear her signature moody vocals and grungy guitars.

“Lovesick,” which is produced by Kid Brunswick and mixed by Dan Lancaster (Muse, Bring Me The Horizon), touches on the tumultuous emotions of love and the complexities, and sometimes destructive nature that come with it.

AlienBlaze explains, “I always wanted Lovesick to be a tortured love song, but it actually works even better as a duet. I just love what OmenXIII has done with his verse and I think our two styles actually give the song an extra intensity.”

AlienBlaze © 2023
AlienBlaze © 2023

All these tears I’ve shed
You’re still in my head
You made me lovesick
You made my heart sick

The intensity of emotions is reflected in the sound, where crashing percussion, pounding bass and gritty guitars erupt into a crescendo of chaos and catharsis. Sonically, the track nods to artists such as Bring Me The Horizon, Linkin Park, The Cure, Lil Peep and Billie Eilish. An unusual list of artists to see in one sentence, but somehow AlienBlaze makes it work.

Sometimes you hate the things I do
You got some things to work on too
I still don’t like it when you cry
You make it way too hard to try
I know you’re feeling sick of me
You know I’m so sick of you
Get out my head, get out my mind
You make me wanna die sometimes
AlienBlaze © 2023
AlienBlaze © 2023

AlienBlaze radiates a truly inspiring fearlessness when it comes to her music.

Her rebellious spirit is an integral part to her artistry and it’s evident as to why she is connecting with so many listeners around the world. If you’re lucky enough to catch her live, you also get to see her one-of-a-kind fashion where she crafts eye-catching, handmade outfits. A true trailblazer of our times, expect to be seeing a lot more from AlienBlaze.

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Stream: “Lovesick” – AlienBlaze ft. OmenXIII

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Lovesick - AlienBlaze

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