Premiere: Anna Krantz’s “We Could Be High” Is a Beacon of Light

Anna Krantz © 2020
A song of hope and perseverance, Anna Krantz’s “We Could Be High” soars as a beacon of light during the darkest of times.
for fans of Carole King, Joni Mitchell
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I needed to write a song which gave me hope. A song which lifted my spirits when I sang it.

Spread your arms, like an eagle glide,” Anna Krantz sings, glowing bright in her new single. “We could fall or we could be high.” Injecting her music with passion and hope, the artist invites all to join her in a moment of sublime reverie. Despite all the pain 2020 has brought (and that which is yet to come), we all need reasons to smile and believe in a better future. To that end, music is almost always the answer: Krantz’s “We Could Be High” is a brush of grace dressed in Americana and soft rock garb, burning with bright energy and an effusive, communal warmth.

We Could Be High - Anna Krantz

We Could Be High – Anna Krantz

Every goldmine starts every time
With no guaranty
You gotta keep digging
And believing
You’ll get what you need
Something about you feels like gold to me

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “We Could Be High,” Anna Krantz’s second single of 2020 following June’s cover song “Tennessee Whiskey.” London born and bred, formerly based in Nashville and now living in Dublin, Krantz is an independent artist with a voice of gold and the heart to match. Her 2016 debut album Connected still resonates with finessed lyricism and grounding instrumentals to match.

Four years later, Krantz’s artistry still shines with love and grace. “We Could Be High” sounds like a Carole King classic, with its earnest desire to rally everyone’s spirits onward and upward. Krantz soars in a buoyant chorus, her vocals lifting our ears and hearts to get us, well, high:

We could be high
Lighting up in a blue moon sky
Come on and try
Spread your arms, like an eagle glide
We could fall or we could be high

“I couldn’t write about the experience of being separated from my family and friends, in a city I had only recently moved to and had barely begun to call home when the world shut down,” Krantz tells Atwood Magazine. “I wasn’t ready to tap into those layered and conflicting emotions. I wanted… no, I needed to write a song which gave me hope. A song which lifted my spirits when I sang it.”

Anna Krantz © 2020

Anna Krantz © 2020

Written in lockdown over a Zoom call, “We Could Be High” finds Krantz collaborating with England’s Simon Johnson, who also co-produced the track.

“It felt fun to set ourselves the challenge of making this recording a global effort during a time when no one could be in the same room,” Krantz shares.

Time will find this song continuing to uplift and inspire long after we can be together again; it is not made for any single situation or place, but rather to capture the feelings we need in order to unlock ourselves from our present malaise and find those individual reasons to look forward and stay strong. For now though, “We Could Be High” continues to be a beacon of light during the darkest of times.

Heartfelt and hopeful, it’s that little musical boost that can help see us through.

Independently out now, “We Could Be High” is the first song in a new series Krantz has named ‘new moon, new tune’ – with more songs to come soon. Stream the new single exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Stream: “We Could Be High” – Anna Krantz

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We Could Be High - Anna Krantz

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