Premiere: Beechwood Shine Bright in Buoyant Love Song “Amy”

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Take the soft, feelgood warmth of George Harrison and the raw indie rock grit of The Strokes, and you’ve got Beechwood’s latest single. “Amy” is a buoyant, cheery love song perfect for basking in another’s light.

Sun illuminates her eyes
Next to you, is where I love to lie
Your skin feels softer against mine
You’re more of a thing than just passing time
Listen: “Amy” – Beechwood

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Amy,” Beechwood’s latest single off their upcomign third album, Inside the Flesh Hotel, out 6/8/2018 via Alive Records. Having released their sophomore album Songs from the Land of Nod a mere six months ago, the three-piece of Gordon Lawrence (guitar/vox), Isa Tineo (drums/vox) and Sid Simons (bass/vox) blend a myriad of pop and rock influences in crafting a record that is as unpredictable as it is exciting.

BEECHWOOD - Inside the Flesh Hotel

BEECHWOOD – Inside the Flesh Hotel

“Amy” is Inside the Flesh Hotel‘s North Star, a shining, shimmering moment of bubbly pop goodness wrapped in jangly overdriven guitars.

You’re exactly what I need
Exactly what I need, Amy
Oh baby, oh Amy

“‘Amy’ is a song about an untainted and unattainable love,” Isa Tineo tells Atwood Magazine. “The song has an honest warmth to it that is very easy to resonate with. “Amy” is a love song for the romantics.” Love songs don’t get more anthemic than this. “Amy” glows with radiant devotion, pulsing with affection as Tineo proclaims his devotion to the light of his life. Such bright emotion is by no means the standard for the New York City-based outfit, whose music typically leans a bit harder on the rock scale than it does here.

Yet what “Amy” shows, above and beyond everything else, is that Beechwood are far from a one-trick pony: They’ve proven themselves a worthwhile rock band, but they are just as good at writing a catchy pop tune. Crossover talent like that has boded very well for bands in the past, and Beechwood should be no exception: If “Amy” is any indication of what’s to come on the band’s new record, then Friday can’t come any sooner!

Stream “Amy” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and consider joining Beechwood next Thursday, June 14th at Berlin NYC for their album release celebration: Inside the Flesh Hotel is out 6/8/2018 via Alive Records.

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BEECHWOOD - Inside the Flesh Hotel

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