Premiere: Anna of the North’s Funky, Feel-Good “Try My Best”

Anna of the North © Robin Bøe
Anna of the North © Robin Bøe
Just in time for spring, Norwegian singer/songwriter Anna of the North releases her funky, feel-good new single, “Try My Best.”
Stream: “Try My Best” – Anna of the North

When you feel low, the instinct is to blame yourself.

We’re hardwired to think something is wrong with us if we’re not happy 100% of the time. The truth is, everyone experiences lows. Wouldn’t it be nice if we collectively decided that these lows were normal? Rather than fighting against them with all our might, it would be nice to just let yourself feel the way that you feel. Because if we always felt happy wouldn’t every moment plateau? With her smooth and funky feel-good new single “Try My Best,” Anna of the North reminds us that when life hits a lull, it’s okay to stay in it. Because it is the lower moments that make the big ones feel as grand as they do. We need both.

Try My Best - Anna of the North
Try My Best – Anna of the North

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Try My Best,” the second of three brand new songs to come from Anna of the North’s recently announced Crazy Life Deluxe, arriving April 28 via Elektra Records. Crazy Life Deluxe follows six months after the Norwegian singer/songwriter’s third LP, Crazy Life, released last November.

As Anna of the North – née Anna Lotterud – puts it, “‘Try My Best’ is one of my favorite songs from this era. I just love the groove, the melodies and the lyrics. It’s a song about the numbness we all feel sometimes, accepting that not everything can be equally exciting all of the time.”

The record starts with a silky smooth, funky guitar riff and Anna’s clean and crisp vocals:

Day by day goes by
We’re still getting by
And breathing
But we can’t
Always feel alive
Anna of the North © Robin Bøe
Anna of the North © Robin Bøe

The bass continues to guide us alongside airy vocals:

Money ain’t an issue for us
Still we fuss and fight but don’t give in
Yeah we both got feelings
But sometimes we cannot feel a single thing

The music stops just before the chorus, her voice drops in with a beat, continuing the groove:

Is it hard to be a man for you
Doing all i can for you
Always try my best for your love
Just know it’s
Hard to be myself sometimes
Try to keep myself in line
Try to do my best
Anna of the North's 'Crazy Life Deluxe' is set to release April 28 via Elektra Records
Anna of the North’s ‘Crazy Life Deluxe’ is set to release April 28 via Elektra Records

Lotterud is preaching that it’s okay to accept stillness. The music and melodies paired with the lyrics allows this message to truly sink in:

Knows me
Like you do
But you don’t know it all
Close to
Your body
A heartbeat
can make me feel so small

The pre-chorus and chorus repeat, and it’s hard not to sway to the addictive beat. This is one of those songs that feels like it’s coming out just in time for Spring.

“Try My Best” is the kind of song you turn on when the sun is out and you want to let yourself feel good; no matter what is going on in your life. We’re excited to hear the rest of the bonus tracks from this album, coming April 28! For now, stream Anna of the North’s latest single exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Stream: “Try My Best” – Anna of the North

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Try My Best - Anna of the North

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