Our Take: Victoria Reed’s Healing Light Shines on Spiritual Sophomore Album ‘Aquamadre’

Aquamadre - Victoria Reed
Aquamadre - Victoria Reed

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Mystical, ethereal, and unequivocally human, Victoria Reed’s sophomore album ‘Aquamadre’ is catharsis personified: An oasis of soothing sound, emotional resolve, and physical healing ready to facilitate our own spiritual release.

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A wave of tender warmth washes over the mind and body as singer/songwriter Victoria Reed’s second album gets underway. Mystical, ethereal, and unequivocally human, Aquamadre is catharsis personified: An oasis of soothing sound, emotional resolve, and physical healing ready to facilitate our own spiritual release.

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Released April 24, 2020 via Fisica Moderna Records / AWAL, Aquamadre is here to heal our weary souls. Recorded in Reed’s home of Mexico City with producer Autre Ne Veut, it’s a passionately intimate collection of songs brimming with light, warmth, and soulful sincerity. Reed – who introduced herself with 2016’s debut Chariot – sounds more confident and comfortable in her skin than ever before on her sophomore record, sounding at times like a lo-fi version of Tennis, and in other moments like a piano-based Phoebe Bridgers. In all instances, the music is moody and moving – unapologetically cinematic in breadth, yet intensely intimate in scope.

Aquamadre - Victoria Reed
Aquamadre – Victoria Reed

“While the songs I write will likely always be deeply personal, ultimately, it’s the message, collaboration, and connection that matter most to me,” Reed shared upon her album’s release. “Sharing my songs with the world and seeing that people can connect with them on some level truly gives me a sense of purpose in life. Something magical happens when we connect through music and lyrics, through sharing our troubles, our fears, our hopes, our triumphs, our joy, and suddenly remembering that we’re not alone. And that’s what I hope to do with this album.”

In premiering Aquamadre‘s third single “Heal Your Pain” earlier this year, Atwood Magazine marveled at the therapeutic track’s soothing, tender expression of love, togetherness, and empathy: “Breathy background vocals and lilting synth work blend together to make a uniquely mesmerizing, bittersweet and touching soundscape… No matter who’s hearing it and who’s listening, “Heal Your Pain” is a reminder that we don’t need to experience our pain alone. Lush, dreamy, and utterly sweet, it is exactly the kind of song the world needs to hear right now.”

Victoria Reed © Tonje Thilesen
Victoria Reed © Tonje Thilesen

Victoria Reed © Tonje Thilesen
Victoria Reed © Tonje Thilesen

“Heal Your Pain” captures more than Reed’s sonic and musical aura: With its heart-on-sleeve message of healing and renewal, it also captures the greater message of healing that proliferates her second album. “Healing is always possible,” Reed previously explained. “Even when it feels utterly unimaginable, even when the darkness seems overwhelming, I’ve learned time and time again that there’s always a brighter place we can get to.”

Thus, part consciously and part unconsciously, she created Aquamadre, a half-hour journey that presents upheaval in the most tender way. From dreamy album opener “Same Way” through to her resolute conclusion “Life 2 Be Adored,” Reed fills our world with wonder. Highlights like the hauntingly evocative olive branch “Do It for You Too” and the percussive, urgent “Anything to Say” keep us engaged throughout, dazzling the ears with some of 2020’s mellowest, moodiest vibes. And while her music soars with ethereal, often celestial grace, Reed’s lyrics and intent are always and forever grounded in her own humanity.

In our past coverage of Reed’s music, we wrote: “Whether we are mourning a loved one, in grief over a lost job or missed opportunity, or simply struggling with distance and physical/emotional separation, “Heal Your Pain” encourages us to let go a bit and let the light in – however it happens to manifest itself.” Aquamadre supersizes that sentiment. Whether or not you think you need it, Victoria Reed’s sophomore album will cleanse you, heal you, and release you.

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Aquamadre - Victoria Reed

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Victoria Reed’s Empathic “Heal Your Pain” Inspires Inner Strength & Vulnerability


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