“I came here for the drama”: Dance Away the Heartache With Ava Vegas & French Horn Rebellion’s “Saddest Disco Girl”

Ava Vegas "Saddest Disco Girl" © Izzy Offer
Ava Vegas "Saddest Disco Girl" © Izzy Offer
Ava Vegas dwells in hot grooves and heartache on “Saddest Disco Girl,” a smoldering, seductive, and emotionally charged song that sees her, together with French Horn Rebellion’s Robert PM, channeling tears into kinetic, cathartic energy.
“Saddest Disco Girl” – Ava Vegas & French Horn Rebellion

There’s an inherent (and intentional) glitz and glamour to Ava Vegas’ name, and she lives up hype.

The German-born, LA-based artist and producer – born Sarina Giffhorn – has consistently enchanted and enthralled over the past four years, winning over audiences through both her expressive showmanship and her intimate, candid lyricism – a bit of cinematic razzle-dazzle over genuine depth and emotional substance. This holds true for her first two studio albums (2020’s Ava Vegas and 2023’s Desert Songs), and it continues to hold true for her latest single: Arguably one of the most revealing songs from her career, the confessional “Saddest Disco Girl” finds Ava Vegas (in collaboration with French Horn Rebellion’s Robert Perlick-Molinari) vulnerable and exposed as she dwells in hot grooves and heartache.

It’s a provocative combination, and one that propels us to join her in dancing the pain away, if only for a little while.

Saddest Disco Girl - Ava Vegas
Saddest Disco Girl – Ava Vegas
short dress, red dress, party dress
came here just to find you

I’m here by myself
strangers bumping up
just to touch me
what kind of excuses
do you think I’m using
to stalk you all over town
you’re my illusion
I’m faking the conclusion
that we’re not over now

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Ava Vegas and French Horn Rebellion’s “Saddest Disco Girl,” out now via Vegas’ own indie imprint Songs by Night. Her first release following last year’s sophomore album Desert Songs (praised by mxdwn.com for its “fairytale-like qualities”) is, true to its name, a smoldering, seductive, and emotionally charged groove: One that hits the ears as hard as it does the heart.

Ava Vegas "Saddest Disco Girl" © Erika Maish
Ava Vegas “Saddest Disco Girl” © Erika Maish

In teasing her new song, Vegas has posed the question: Crying in the club, is it acceptable? – answering that it is not just permissible, but compulsory.

The self-proclaimed “saddest disco girl in the world” implores us to own our tears and channel our pain into kinetic, cathartic energy as she sings hot on the mic, her voice a soft, ethereal source of raw passion and yearning.

all day on the ‘gram
did my little research
just to find you
went to all the parties
Berlin, Tokyo, Paris
come and find me
don’t go without me
I came here for the drama
paying with my karma
I want you all for my own
unholy like Madonna
I’ll bring you to Nirvana
so baby won’t you come on home

“I’d never admit this to myself or anyone else, but I’ve probably been to many parties secretly hoping to see a certain someone there,” Vegas tells Atwood Magazine.

“It just makes life a little bit more exciting to sprinkle some romantic fantasy and playful drama into it, and we ran with that idea to an extreme in ‘Saddest Disco Girl.’ Robert (French Horn Rebellion) and I were laughing a lot when writing this warm, poppy, dancey song and the lyrics just poured out of me. I wrote them with a wink, but also caught myself revealing a little bit more about myself than I would like to.”

Ava Vegas © Matthias Steinkraus
Ava Vegas © Matthias Steinkraus

“Saddest Disco Girl” arrives not only as an irresistible indie pop bop in its own right, but it is also the lead single off Ava Vegas’ forthcoming EP, simply titled Disco.

“I spent most of my childhood and youth on the Spanish island of Ibiza, known for its hippie and ’70s disco history,” the artist shares. “Moving to L.A. reminds me of that atmosphere: Sunsets, eccentric characters at dusk, lots of dancing and an inspiring contrast of subliminal darkness and hard work. After writing a lot of dreamy and slow songs on my last two albums, I felt like writing something more uptempo. The new songs are still love songs, sometimes sad, but mostly fun – turning a strong emotion into pop songs you can smile about and dance to.”

is that you
hiding in the corner
or is it you
with that girl
is that you
standing at the bar
or are you outside smoking on the patio
are you watching me
from that corner
or is it you
making your way over here
are you getting two drinks at the bar
or are you outside waiting on the patio
Ava Vegas "Saddest Disco Girl" © Izzy Offer
Ava Vegas “Saddest Disco Girl” © Izzy Offer

The first tease at what’s to come from Ava Vegas’ new, exciting Disco era, “Saddest Disco Girl” offers itself as a dreamy, soothing, and propulsive soundtrack to our bluest moods.

Who says melancholy has to be inert? If anything, sadness has often been one of the greatest drivers to action – and through this song, we experience just how high Ava Vegas can rise from her darkest depths as she takes an all-too familiar low point and unapologetically soars.

Stream Ava Vegas and French Horn Rebellion’s brand new single exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and get lost in warm world of “Saddest Disco Girl” via its ’70s-inspired lyric video. How fitting, to watch Vegas dancing alone to this song in sparkly cowboy boots.

She’s got the glitz, she’s got the glamour, and she’s got a whole lotta heart to back them up.

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“Saddest Disco Girl” – Ava Vegas & French Horn Rebellion

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Saddest Disco Girl - Ava Vegas

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