Premiere: Follow Your Dreams with Skogebrandt’s Inspiring Debut “Been You”

Skogebrandt © Mikael Hagström
Skogebrandt © Mikael Hagström
Skogebrandt’s breathtaking debut single “Been You” is a powerful reminder to follow your dreams, stay true to yourself, and hold your head high.

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There’s a right time and place for life’s big opportunities – at least, that’s the way many people choose to see it. If you’re lucky enough, you just might find yourself at such a fateful crossroads – when the stars are aligned, and so on and so forth. If you’re not so lucky, then the clouds don’t part and the path remains hidden: Try again next time.

The problem with this worldview is that it inherently devalues and discredits the importance of utility and volition in our lives. It explains the past based on the assumption that the future is but a mimic of what’s already occurred, failing to acknowledge the importance of failure and trial-and-error – not to mention, the simple premise that tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities.

After spending years working behind-the-scenes with other artists, Anders Nilsson took a chance on something he thought was a done deal – an option he’d already given up. He ignored the right time, right place, and we’re glad he did: Today, we are pleased to introduce the artist Skogebrandt to the world. His breathtaking debut single “Been You” is a powerful reminder to follow your dreams, stay true to yourself, and hold your head high.

I’ve been you
I’ve been true to what others hold high
I’ve been you
Letting others make up my mind
I’ve been you
Feelin’ right at the wrong place wrong time
I’ve been too, I’ve been you
Listen: “Been You” – Skogebrandt
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Been You,” the debut single from Sweden’s Skogebrandt. The musical moniker for film/music critic and singer/songwriter Anders Nilsson, Skogebrandt’s artistry introduces itself as one of connection. In using his family name, Nilsson links his music between urban life in Stockholm and Östersund, and the quieter calm of his country’s northernmost woodlands.

Been You - Skogebrandt
Been You – Skogebrandt

“The music touches upon that very breakpoint; how to deal with being in-between two places,” Nilsson tells Atwood Magazine. We certainly feel tremors of a world divided in his debut single: “Been You,” cowritten with Fanny Mardirossian in a mountain cabin in Sweden’s southern Norrland, embraces the beauty of solitude.

They say go slow
But they have never been you
They say go slow
But you will just continue
And even when you’re scared
don’t back down

You got your dreams to follow you
Chase ‘em with you head held up high
Run like there’s no tomorrow you

“Starting out with just piano and vocals and building from there, we wanted to create big feelings with as few instrumental elements as possible,” Skogebrandt explains. “The lyrics are about the journey of following your dreams and the blessings and curses that come with a creative mind. After all, this is exactly who I am.”

Skogebrandt © Mikael Hagström
Skogebrandt © Mikael Hagström

Light, intimate vocals fall upon a lilting piano ballad spiked with atmospheric synth pads. Nilsonn sings up close and personal to the listener, sharing a story of perseverance we come to understand as his own, as well as mine and yours: A universal tale with the message to try.

Just try, you fall but keep on goin’
‘n try, because it feels good knowin’
You tried

If you love making music, then make music! If you love cooking, then cook! If you love writing, then write! “Just try,” Skogebrandt implores in a heartfelt chorus. It’s not about the end; it’s about the means – pursuing what you love, being your best self, trying, and doing. There’s no special moment; it’s not about luck or happenstance. True success is personal fulfillment.

I’ve been you
Don’t be scared this is not the right time
It is too, this is you

The fact that “Been You” is Skogebrandt’s debut single is not, for a second, lost on anyone here – especially Nilsson. This is the song, the artisty, the music that wasn’t supposed to exist; the path that had vanished from view, lost to the ether of time.

Poignant and passionate, “Been You” inspires us to keep the faith: “I’m tryna be exactly who I am; and I’m gonna be exactly who I am,” Nilsson sings at the very end, his emotional voice full of life and fire. There’s no turning back now – he’s just getting started.

Be on the lookout for more from Skogebrandt as he prepares the release of his self-produced debut EP, out later 2018. “Been You” is out on all platforms this Friday, May 18, 2018.

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Been You - Skogebrandt

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