Premiere: The Long Fall’s “Battle Cries” Honors the Human Spirit

The Long Fall © 2017
The Long Fall © 2017

We humans are strong, resilient creatures, capable of withstanding great pain and sacrifice. Life is not easy, but we endure hardship, no matter the cost. The Long Fall celebrates the human spirit on her song “Battle Cries,” an incredibly poignant, stirring display of our innermost beauty.

There’s a beauty in this wreckage
There’s some lightning down the hall
Heart’s not always where we left it
Leaning just beyond these walls
Listen: “Battle Cries” – The Long Fall
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Battle Cries,” the latest single from The Long Fall. The artistic identity of folk/pop singer-songwriter Amy Rieckelman, The Long Fall offers observations and explorations of humanity through raw acoustics and vibrant lyrics. Her debut single “Oh Love” was released in winter 2016, and her self-titled debut EP is currently available in physical. The Long Fall’s second official online offering, “Battle Cries” exhibits the songwriter’s full arsenal of evocative material: Passionate and bold, it is a true cry of human endurance and perseverance.

“‘Battle Cries’ echoes my belief that we humans are, at our core, fighters and capable of getting through any fires that burn,” Rieckelman says. “We are all venerable but still so resilient. I wrote this as a reminder of all of that to myself. Our trials are what make us, ultimately, triumphant.”

Still searching for a reason why
Half the burn is learning
When to try and when to walk away
No more no more battle cries,
Battle cries
You can tell them that you need more time
That your hands hurt and you’ve lost your mind
Fallen roses on forgotten vines
Moving on then past these war-torn crimes
The Long Fall © 2017
The Long Fall © 2017

There is a light in the chaos of our lives. We endure and endure and endure, pushing from our first breaths to our last. Light piano fills the spaces where Rieckelman’s lilt falls silent; we feel every press of those ivory keys like a weight in the back of our throats. Pain isn’t easy, nor is it enjoyable, but our ability to withstand whatever obstacles come our way is remarkable.

“Battle Cries” is achingly vulnerable and magnificently raw. The Long Fall holds her audience captive throughout with evocative lyrics and hauntingly sweet, somber music that reminds of our own inner strength.

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Battle Cries - The Long Fall

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