Premiere: Wading Through the Deep End of Best Breakfast’s Wistful & Dreamy “Wave”

Best Breakfast's Ben Majest © Mike Kellogg
Best Breakfast's Ben Majest © Mike Kellogg
A wistful cut off their new album ‘Clap If You Can’, Best Breakfast’s gentle and dreamy song “Wave” aches with the sting of unexpected change and heart-wrenching loss.
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Adaptation has long been key to human existence; after all, it’s our ability to keenly adjust and acclimate ourselves to new conditions that has enabled the whole species to persevere and thrive, getting us to where we are today. Yet there’s more to this innate skill set than our collective survival; our individual ability to adapt becomes increasingly relevant to our intimate, everyday lives the older we get. Life never works out the way we want it to; people come and people go, sometimes unexpectedly and quite painfully.

Gentle and dreamy, Best Breakfast’s wistful new single “Wave” aches with the sting of unexpected change and heart-wrenching loss. It’s a bittersweet acceptance of life’s fragility and volatility; a somber recognition of our never-ending need to adapt to new situations, no matter how much it hurts.

Clap - Best Breakfast
Clap If You Can – Best Breakfast
Faces you make,
When you break the word you gave,

When I look at you amazed, you’re at my place,
Will we ride the wave?
Will we ride the wave?
Will we share another day?
Both awake for god’s sake,

I know I went away,
but I came back and now you’re safe,

Will we ride the wave?
Will we ride the wave?

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Wave,” the final single taken off Best Breakfast’s upcoming album, Clap If You Can (out June 17, 2022). The Brooklyn band’s fourth LP in two years affirms them as one of the most prolific acts to emerge during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; following July 2020’s Late 80’s Baby, the trio of singer, guitarist, and songwriter Ben Majest, drummer Ian Romer, and bassist Ian Romer continued to engage their growing audience with November 2020’s Seconds and November 2021’s PANACEA, reminding us that quality songwriting doesn’t need a 2-3 year gap between LPs. Defying modern music industry norms alone makes Best Breakfast an easy act to fall for, but it’s the depth and nuance of their artistry that has truly made them a staple of our daily diet.

Following Clap If You Can‘s groovy lead single “Let It Come to Me” and its garage-y, dynamic sophomore single “Shapeshifter,” “Wave” finds Best Breakfast dwelling in a moody, mellow space of nostalgia and introspection. “Will we ride the wave?” Ben Majest continuously sings into the dark, his words calling out for an answer that never comes.

Best Breakfast's Ben Majest © Mike Kellog
Best Breakfast’s Ben Majest © Mike Kellogg

“‘Wave’ was a tough song to finish,” he tells Atwood Magazine. “The music had been sitting, and Ian was looking at me like, ‘Dude, when are you finally gonna throw words on this thing?‘ I remember I had written lyrics loosely about what I had been going through, and the first time we hit record and I sang the words out loud, it was overwhelming, kind of like my heart was crawling up into my throat. So, yeah, I’m certainly glad that’s done! As for the song’s substance, it’s just about realizing you’ve misinterpreted a relationship – whether you were misled or misled yourself – and then seeing the true colors of the thing. That’s all.”

When I gave myself to you, openly,
And promised to be the best I could,
Honestly, I was a fool but I felt, vulnerably,
I couldn’t see, you were my invention,
I was living in my head, I wasn’t present,
I wasn’t there
One day, we’ll ride the wave,
We’ll ride the wave…

With its immediate, unabating warmth and aching, heart-on-sleeve vulnerability, “Wave” is a subtle, stirring standout in Best Breakfast’s fast-growing catalog of “folk-flecked indie rock,” as they call it. Stream the single exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and be sure to listen to Clap If You Can upon its release on June 17!

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Clap - Best Breakfast

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