Cherry Dragon’s Top 5 Nigerian Artists to Look Out For

Cherry Dragon © 2021
Cherry Dragon © 2021

This Black History Month, Atwood Magazine has invited artists to participate in a series of essays, interviews, reviews, poetry, playlists, and more features in recognition of, and out of respect for the symbolism and significance of this month.

Today, rising Nigerian-Irish singer/songwriter Cherry Dragon shares her top five Nigerian artists to look out for as a part of Atwood Magazine’s Black History Month series. An indie alternative/R&B artist hailing from Dublin and now based in London, Cherry Dragon recently introduced her uniquely inspired artistry through this January’s debut single “Altar,” which has amassed over 25,000 streams on Spotify in its first month alone. A smoldering tempest full of urgency and passion, “Altar” is as haunting as it is immediate: A soulful outpouring from the depths of the self, filled with spiritual energy and a desire for release. Cherry Dragon’s debut EP is set to release later this year.
Altar is a song about facing oneself. The inner demons we run from. We try to distract ourselves with so much…tv, food, relationships, Instagram, anything but to sit with that unsettled side of ourselves. It’s about that moment when you own all of who you are, who you have been and make a choice… do I keep carrying this load or do I let go now? Ultimately it’s about finding freedom from the prison we create within. When you know you can’t keep walking the path you’re on, you know it’s time to choose a new one.” – Cherry Dragon
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Cherry Dragon’s
Top 5 Nigerian Artists to Look Out For

Cherry Dragon © 2021

I’m Cherry Dragon. I grew up in Ireland. My mother is Irish and my father is Nigerian. I feel very blessed to come from two rich cultures. I have lots to draw influence from. I’ve been singing, writing and playing the piano since I was 13. Music is the centre point of who I am. I love all music … anybody from Fela Kuti all the way to Kendrick Lamar, to electro pop band Sylvan Esso. I just released my first single “Altar” off my debut EP. I’m excited to keep sharing my music and keep creating more!

Lady Donli

I really love this lady. She gives me Fela vibes sometimes, with the little things she does.


Tems is one of my favourites. I feel she is creating her own sound. She bridges Nigerian Afrobeat with almost a UK grime flavor.


I love the tone of Davolee’s voice and his flow. His track ‘Way’ is one of my favorites.


Crayon is really versatile – I’m never bored when listening to him. I love his fashion, too; it all merges to make up an exciting artist.

GoodGirl LA

This woman is doing something really special. Her voice is so strong, as is her message within her music. She is an inspiring artist.

— —

How did I get so far
I’ve been trying, keep away from the devils lion
He keeps following me
Light only hits the dark, when I’m in trouble
I keep digging with this shovel burying yesterday
I keep on marching, I keep on marching onwards
Ready for this battle
I keep on marching, I keep on marching onwards, I keep on marching on
Take me to the well
I need to drink the water
Let it wash me clean
If I’m going to hell
Take me to the altar
And let me sing
– “Altar,” Cherry Dragon

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Altar - Cherry Dragon

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