Live Review: Ryan Beatty’s Breathtaking, Awe-Inspiring ‘Calico’ Tour Comes to Houston, TX

Ryan Beatty © Ashlan Grey
Ryan Beatty © Ashlan Grey
Ryan Beatty’s ‘Calico’ tour is a show for true music lovers, as the singer/songwriter reaffirmed at Houston’s White Oak Music Hall this February.
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There’s a line wrapped so far out the door of White Oak Music Hall on February 15, 2024 for the second show of the calico tour. The energy is palpable as concert season is just moving into full swing for the year.

There is a magic to Ryan Beatty’s set. There are no frills, just Ryan, his crystal clear gut-wrenching vocals and six musicians, playing everything we’re hearing. With no backing tracks, (a rarity these days) everything is as raw and live as it can be, making it all the more breathtaking.

Calico - Ryan Beatty
‘calico,’ Ryan Beatty’s third studio album, released in August 2023

No opener is required for Beatty. Everyone is ready. He enters a dimly lit stage backed by six musicians interchanging instruments between drums, keys, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and more. They create every sound we hear that evening.

With headphones on, Beatty sits calmly on his stool, gets in the zone and starts singing “Ribbons.” The band joins him in perfect synchronization. He follows with “Cinnamon Bread” and “Andromeda” grooving through the tracks in almost an effortless way that makes it all the more impressive.

Beatty keeps the crowd banter to a minimum. As friendly as he is, the introspective nature of the show is something that makes it a standout from others. He and the band are there to play these songs to perfection, and that they do. “Bright Red” comes next followed by “Haircut” and “Powerslide.”



Ryan Beatty © Ashlan Grey
Ryan Beatty © Ashlan Grey

Throughout the songs Beatty stands to belt out notes and give us a few glimpses of his smile. When he does this the crowd goes wild, but the intimacy of the show is set by the star, willing us to really hear each and every song. This doesn’t happen a lot at concerts with someone at his caliber. Between the screams and the off-key attempts to sing-along it can be hard to really take in a song at a live show. While the crowd is of course still singing along, they’re doing so in a calm way. Everyone wants to hear Beatty, this much is true.

Fan favorite “Bruises Off the Peach” comes next and the crowd is absolutely hypnotized at this point. The band is in a full groove and we are all there with them. “Casino” and “Hunter” come next before the pianist leads a beautiful melody transitioning into the equally beautiful “Multiple Endings.”

Ryan Beatty © Ashlan Grey
Ryan Beatty © Ashlan Grey

“White Teeth” closes the set in the most beautiful manner with “Fruits of My Labor” and “Little Faith” to encore.

This show is for music lovers. It’s for the people that love and appreciate what it takes to put on a live show of this nature. It’s equally impressive as it is awe-inspiring.

The calico tour is just getting started. If you’re an Atwood Magazine reader, you’re a music lover, and so, you should absolutely get yourself to this show if you’re able to – it will not disappoint.

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Calico - Ryan Beatty

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