Today’s Song: Dance Away Your Heartache with Boy Pablo’s “Losing You”

Losing You - Boy Pablo
Losing You - Boy Pablo
With its warm and charming energy, Boy Pablo’s “Losing You” ties the forces of despair and the uncontrollable urge to dance together in perfect harmony.

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To love someone so unconditionally elicits feelings like no other. To have that love graft itself onto the bodies of those touched by its presence is the epitome of bliss. But now that love is falling, seamlessly tearing away. The heartache that comes after can only be described as excruciating – unless you’re Norwegian Indie-pop band Boy Pablo.

Bursting into the scene in 2017 with their lo-fi track “Everytime,” Boy Pablo returns with their latest track: “Losing You.” It’s a story of an ending relationship, where the two parties in question appear to be slowly drifting away from one another. As somber of a tale as it may seem, Boy Pablo’s bedroom pop sounds provide the listener with a track that is less about heartache and more about how to proceed after, perhaps by dancing.

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The track begins with a slick bassline that is soon followed by dazzling keys that would make one think they are about to listen to classic love ballad. Those feelings quickly dissipate as soon as the singing begins.

How would you feel if I walked up to you one day
And ripped your heart out?
How would you feel if I said to you
That’s how I feel you’re treating me
Losing You - Boy Pablo
Losing You – Boy Pablo

The juxtaposition the track has is truly phenomenal as one’s natural instinct would be to move their feet and bop their head to the beat, and yet the listener can’t help but feel pity for our narrator. The dreamy sounds continue to ring out as our narrator begins to explain that he believes he is losing the one he loves, but hope is still there, even if by only a single strand.

The chorus finishes with “how can that be true? I know you want me too.” A pretty natural reaction, right? One would typically be in disbelief or denial about such negative feelings, but as the track continues, the listener is provided additional insight into this rocky relationship.

How could you lie to me time and time again?
I’m getting tired of everything you say
But I want you anyway

Tethered to someone who serves only to cause you pain through lies – not a situation in which anyone should be in but unfortunately appears are narrator is. The chorus returns and the question returns of “how can this be?” As the track ends, the listener is left feeling that the narrator, while hurting, may be taking this better than previously thought.

"Losing You" - Boy Pablo © William Glandberger
“Losing You” – Boy Pablo © William Glandberger

With such a warm sound and charming vibes, mixed with the sorrowful lyrics, this track brings out the two sides to a breakup and shows that we are in control of how we continue on living. The hurt that comes with an ended relationship is an inevitability, but the anguish that lingers on afterward is entirely optional.

Boy Pablo is a new kid on the block for the indie pop scene, and their signature sound is something we are going to be keeping an eye on in 2018 with their future releases, which will hopefully occur sooner rather than later.

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Losing You - Boy Pablo

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