Premiere: “Backseat Swinging” Proves to Be a Stellar Debut for Coolhand Jax

With its shimmering presence and warmth inducing melodies, Coolhand Jax creates an air of unfettered joy on “Backseat Swinging.”
“Backseat Swinging” – Coolhand Jax

A dose of serotonin can often seem like a tall order currently, but music carries the ability to create smiles – even if for only a few minutes. Luckily for listeners everywhere, the smiles Coolhand Jax will produce will last well beyond the three minutes of his debut song, “Backseat Swinging.” The shine of this track is immaculate, the melodies of it nonpareil, and its infectious appeal makes it one of the strongest debuts for an artist, and Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering it today!

Backseat Swinging – Coolhand Jax
I’m in the backseat swinging, easy living, zooming off
She’s in the office building, making riches kids dream of

Behind Coolhand Jax is Jake Weissman, an artist whose musical start actually dates back to his previous band, Sunshine Brothers Inc. Since going solo, Weissman started to experiment with soundscapes while road-tripping across the US, and it was during these musical moments that Coolhand Jax was born, “Backseat Swinging” being the first creation from the newly established artist. Its aptly named title and smooth sound make it the perfect complement to summer, and it’s a song that will stay in the mind all season long.

I’m in the drug store searching ibuprofen, ease my mind
She’s in the bathroom crying, tears of silence,
no use trying to be what you wanna be

“Backseat Swinging” opens with Weissman’s relaxed vocals and a stunning bassline in the foreground, adding a phenomenal layer to the track. The main guitar melody is a vibrant and lush presence that will leave listeners moving to the beat on instinct alone. Electronics soon enter the mix which adds an additional splash of energy into the pot, and as the musical soundscapes and vocals coalesce, it’s clear that “Backseat Swinging” will be a treasured part of 2020.

Day by day you take it, easy as you make it out
Waste your time just to prove that you’re free

It tells a story about life in the backseat, taking everything in and savoring idleness while the world spins around you,” Weissman explains of the track. “It came at a time in my life when I was doing just that, spending months on the road after school while everyone else seemed to be vying hopelessly for some career they didn’t want. It’s equal parts self-assured and negligent. I tracked most of it in my car, across probably a dozen states or so. I wrote it on the highway. It means a lot to me, in a silly way. Wasting my time just to prove I was free.”

A New Warmth into the Music Scene


As the tune continues, Weissman enters into occasional falsetto moments – a nice little pinch of flavor that blends remarkably well with the other sounds. The freedom Weissman chased after is perfectly encapsulated here, and as the song begins its close, everything comes together for a final bash, creating an unfettered soundscape of elation in the process. To make things sweeter, a music video accompanies the debut, only adding to the charm. The video is adorned with breezy visuals and a carefree vibe, elevating the song to even greater heights.

I’m in the backroom sleeping, dark and deep in dreams I lie
She’s in the hot sun melting, someone help
she’s lost in a puddle in the middle of a summer’s day

Coolhand Jax might be a new face, but with a strong entrance like “Backseat Swinging,” many would be hard-pressed not to be astonished. Anyone in need of a smile or a feel-good moment, Coolhand Jax is close by, ready to lend a hand. For fans needing more, the debut EP, No Dreams of Anything, will be releasing later this year via Spirit Goth Records.

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“Backseat Swinging” – Coolhand Jax

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