Fighting for Love Makes Dermot Kennedy Feel “Outnumbered”

Dermot Kennedy
Dermot Kennedy
Dermot Kennedy’s “Outnumbered” melodically captures the feeling of finding “the one” and knowing they’re all that you need.
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The feeling of finding “the one” is maybe the most powerful feeling in the world. The intensity of it is enough to drive almost every decision you make. It is why people enter long distance relationships with confidence, and with all odds against them, survive them. It is the feeling, strong as ever, that keeps love alive when distance separates it. Dermot Kennedy’s latest track “Outnumbered” captures the feeling of knowing that fighting for the one you love, even when distance separates you, is worth it.

To Make Us Feel: An Interview with Dermot Kennedy

Outnumbered – Dermot Kennedy

“Outnumbered” starts with strong and simple guitar licks accompanying Kennedy’s ironically clear and raspy vocals as they sing out the chorus.

Don’t tell me this is all for nothing
I can only tell you one thing
On the nights you feel outnumbered
Baby, I’ll be out there somewhere

I see everything you can be
I see the beauty that you can’t see
On the nights you feel outnumbered
Baby, I’ll be out there somewhere

With starting lyrics as defining as “Don’t tell me this is all for nothing,” this song is introduced with a pain and a love that is so strong and so real, you would do just about anything to keep it alive. The second verse breaks down into more of a poetic rhythm, which Kennedy executes flawlessly. The bass’ beats become heavier as the bridge leads into the second chorus.

To all the stars that light the road
Don’t ever leave that girl so cold
Never let me down, just lead me homes

The bright and hopeful notes of the guitar strum matched with the simple bass beat lead this song from one verse to the next, giving us the feeling that everything is going to work out while Kennedy’s powerhouse vocals shine through. Kennedy gives everything he has in the bridge leading into the final chorus. Every last breath is spent on this message.

How long can you wait for the one you deserve?
Light on, never let it out, never let it out
If I’m gone, if you ever leave I hope that you learn
To fight on, to fight on

Kennedy plays off the feeling that there could be a million people in the world against you and between you, but when you have that one person who you know would stand behind you no matter what – it doesn’t matter. They are all you really need. Just that one. It’s his love letter to whomever this person is; he’s there for them, and he always will be. Kennedy is one of those artists who you can tell wrestles with every word, sits with his lyrics until he is sure they are articulated in the right way, which is why when he sings them there is so much passion behind his voice; so much believability. This is an artist everyone should be looking forward to hearing more from and a live show we should all be striving to catch.

To Make Us Feel: An Interview with Dermot Kennedy

“Outnumbered” – Dermot Kennedy

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