Interview: NOANNE Offers a Raw & Introspective Look at the Fragility of the Human Spirit in “Careless”

Careless - NOANNE
Prague-based artist NOANNE serves up a haunting new release with “Careless” as she delves into the tumultuous landscape of our human experiences. 

Hailing from Prague, NOANNE is more than just an artist.

Her talent shines through in a multitude of ways, from her awe-inspiring vocals to captivating lyrics and mesmerizing visuals, there is evidently a huge amount of thought put into every part of her artistry. Her latest single “Careless” (independently released May 31, 2024) stays true to NOANNE’s profound vision, as she shows her ability to transcend traditional boundaries of a song. As she opens up about personal experiences, she explains how easy it can be to fall into unhealthy habits when it comes to idealizing a new love interest.

Careless - NOANNE
Careless – NOANNE
Straight to hell
If you asked me for direction
that’s where I send you

I can tell you’re doing well
Under masks that you wear
you’re hiding all your wounds
Let me, let me, let me go
I don’t wanna hear your lies anymore
I would bring up brighter shades by
getting rid of the sound of your steps

“Careless” emits an emotional intensity, driven by an eerie beat and hypnotizing, shimmering synths. The somber narrative is reinforced by the pensive tone of the track, as NOANNE transports you to an otherworldly place.

Atwood Magazine spoke to NOANNE about the new single, her award-winning music videos, and the Prague music scene.

I don’t wanna be aware
Every time you’re here or there
Whatever you do
Whatever you dare
I don’t wanna care
Right away in hell
Should have asked me for the place
That’s where you’d meet me
Got myself out of the shell
Now will burn on the flame
with no more chance to flee..

— —

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Careless - NOANNE

Atwood Magazine: Congratulations on the release of your new single, “Careless”! How would you describe the song in just three words?

NOANNE: Intense, Emotional, Transformative.

“Careless” has been described as transcending traditional boundaries of a song. Can you tell us more about this?

NOANNE: “Careless” is a profound narrative that delves into the emotional journey of obsession, rejection, and self-destruction. The song starts with the intoxicating allure of an idealized person and transitions to the despair of realizing that such ideals are unattainable. This emotional trajectory mirrors the complex process of grappling with self-identity and the human struggle for self-acceptance. By capturing this intense emotional journey, “Careless” aims to evoke deep reflection, making it a resonant piece that stays with the listener long after the last note fades. It’s not just about listening to music but about experiencing a story that many can relate to on a personal level.

NOANNE © courtesy of the artist
NOANNE © courtesy of the artist

“Careless” touches on themes of obsession, rejection, and the eventual path to self-destruction. Was there anything specific that sparked the narrative of the song - does it stem from personal experiences or is it more fantastical?

NOANNE: The narrative of “Careless” is a blend of both personal experiences and broader observations. While it does draw on the raw emotions and tumultuous experiences I’ve encountered, it also taps into universal themes that many can relate to. The journey from curiosity to attraction, and then from obsession to hatred, reflects the dangers of idealizing someone to the point of self-destruction. This theme is deeply personal but also touches on a broader, more universal human experience. It serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of the human spirit when faced with the constructs of idealism and the pursuit of unattainable perfection.

Your sound is extremely unique where you blend an array of sounds, genres, and instruments to create something totally your own. But are there any artists that you find influence or inspire you in any way?

NOANNE: Absolutely, I draw inspiration from a variety of artists, but two who have had a significant impact on my music are Prince and David Bowie. Their unique approach to music and their ability to constantly reinvent themselves have been incredibly inspiring. Their work feels like “moon music” to us – my main music producer and co-writer, Gregory Darling, and I strive to create something similarly unique and otherworldly. Their influence pushes us to explore new sounds and break traditional boundaries, creating a musical experience that is both innovative and deeply emotional.

NOANNE © courtesy of the artist
NOANNE © courtesy of the artist

As well as music, you are also deeply involved in theater, film, and the world of artificial intelligence. How do you see your music morphing into these areas in the future and are there any other additional avenues you would like to explore?

NOANNE: In the digital world, everything seems easy, but the challenge lies in onboarding incredibly creative and technologically sophisticated people who can help bring digital tales into real live show experiences. I truly want to be a pioneer in blending the digital world with art and music on stage. I envision my music evolving to incorporate more theatrical and cinematic elements, enhanced by cutting-edge technology. This includes exploring virtual reality and interactive experiences to create immersive shows that captivate audiences. Let’s see where we will be a year from now – I’m excited about the endless possibilities!

Based in Prague, are there any local artists that you would like to give a shout-out to, or recommend we should check out?

NOANNE: I must confess, I don’t really follow the local scene in Prague as my endeavors have always been more focused on other countries like the UK, USA, Netherlands, or France. However, I had the incredible honor of meeting Clare Maguire during my last performance in Lisbon, Portugal, on May 28th. Clare is a UK-based singer and songwriter who is truly an incredible human being and a mind-blowing artist. Our collaboration at the AI Film Awards event, which she co-organized with Leo Crane where I performed, was fantastic. If this leads to a stronger bond and more creative endeavors, I would be unspeakably happy.

Your stunning music video for “Goodwill” has been nominated at numerous film and music video festivals. How does it feel to have such amazing recognition for it and can we expect to see more visual content from you for “Careless”?

NOANNE: It’s incredibly rewarding to receive such recognition for the “Goodwill” music video. The nominations and accolades validate the hard work, creative effort, and passion that went into bringing that vision to life. It was a collaborative process that involved an amazing team, and seeing it resonate with audiences and critics alike is truly gratifying.

For “Careless,” you can definitely expect more visual content. While the video for “Careless” will be relatively simple compared to “Goodwill,” it will be beautifully crafted to capture the intense emotions of the song. We aim to convey the song’s powerful narrative through evocative imagery and subtle storytelling, creating a visual experience that complements the music perfectly.

Looking ahead, we have some truly exciting plans for my upcoming singles. We are pushing creative boundaries and exploring innovative concepts that will deliver captivating visual stories. These new projects will involve intricate set designs, cutting-edge technology, and immersive elements that elevate the storytelling aspect of the music. I’m thrilled about what’s in store and can’t wait to share these visual masterpieces with my audience. The future holds some remarkable visual experiences that will enhance the emotional and artistic depth of my music.

You recently performed at the Berlin Music Video Awards. Can you tell us more about the night and what was involved in delivering a sensory experience for the audience?

NOANNE: Performing at the Berlin Music Video Awards was an extraordinary three-day experience filled with incredible networking and boundless creativity. The atmosphere was electric, brimming with talented artists and industry professionals, making it a truly mind-blowing event. We focused on delivering a comprehensive sensory experience for the audience, incorporating intricate lighting and set designs that complemented the music perfectly.

One of the highlights was performing live while my music video was screened in the background. This combination of live performance and visual storytelling created an immersive atmosphere, allowing the audience to deeply connect with both the music and the emotions conveyed through the visuals. We meticulously planned every detail to ensure that the lighting, visuals, and sound all worked together harmoniously to enhance the overall experience.

It was an unforgettable experience that showcased the power of combining visual art with live music, creating a multi-sensory journey that resonated with everyone present. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and it was incredibly rewarding to see our efforts appreciated by such a distinguished audience. This event truly highlighted the potential of blending different artistic mediums to create a unique and powerful performance.

NOANNE © courtesy of the artist
NOANNE “Careless” © courtesy of the artist

Having already achieved amazing things this year, what else is on NOANNE’s bucket list for 2024?

NOANNE: For 2024, I’m looking forward to recording an EP and releasing it by the end of the year. I’m also working on the concept of a concert in the form of a spectacle with an immersive experience and a slight dark fairy tale touch. I’m really excited about this project. Additionally, there will be more performances in different countries and festivals.

For instance, after my performance in Lisbon in May, I received an invite to perform at a huge DigiVerse festival in Antalya, Turkey. The performance space there is mind-blowing, with numerous huge screens, LED cubes, mazes, and outstanding lighting – everything I need to make my performance unforgettable.

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Careless - NOANNE

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