Premiere: The Gravity of Secret Colours’ Love Song “Changes in Nature”

Secret Colours © 2017
Secret Colours © 2017

It’s kind of fun listening to a song five times in a row before realizing it’s a love song. That’s the inherent beauty of music – it can mean something  different to two different people, because the “universal language” has such flexible interpretations. Make no mistake, though: Secret Colours’ “Changes in Nature” is a passionate, heart-on-sleeve love song that throws

These days they go by
Faster than I would like
I saw you under
The silver moon
The sliver moon
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Changes in Nature,” the lead single off Secret Colours‘ fourth album, Dream Dream (independently out July 9th, 2017). The Chicago four piece of Tommy Evans, Mike Novak, Max Brink, and Matt Yeates pride themselves in defining the intersectionality of 1960s psychedelia and 1990s Britpop, and indeed their latest release feels particularly punchy in that regard. Colours fly and emotions run deep as Secret Colours express their uncertainty of the world, in comparison to the certainty of their emotion.

Changes in Nature - Secret Colours
Changes in Nature – Secret Colours
Changes in nature
What happens, will happen like before
I am not sure about many things in this world
But you, girl I am certain

We can all relate to life’s heavy, inherent burden: We are born knowing nothing, spoon-fed things that our elders think we should know. As soon as we grow conscious to the fact that we’ve only been told part of the story, we go off on our adventures for knowledge and purpose, eventually to realize the bold duality of life’s meaningful and meaninglessness.

Down the rabbit hole we go, never to be seen or heard from again.

Life is complex and unpredictable, a radical experiment for which there is no explanation. It exists for the sake of being, if you will. And to get through this cacophony, we need anchors: People to reel us in when we steer off course, to ground us from the randomness and center us when we lose balance. “Changes in Nature” is surprisingly simple; Secret Colours just take the long way in driving the point home, and wouldn’t you? Don’t we want the ones we love to know the extent of our love?

Secret Colours © 2017
Secret Colours © 2017
Balance won’t resist
Stars fade And planets die
Right now we can exist
Right now we be alive
Right now we can survive

Saying those three words just isn’t enough! It’s about comparisons; about expressing the depth behind that emotion that make it so much more powerful than any other feeling. For Secret Colours, the importance of their love comes in the value that person provides them in ‘shielding’, so to speak, from the wild.

It’s practical and romantic at the same time: Nothing makes sense, but my feelings for you make sense. “Changes in Nature” isolates Secret Colours’ love interest from everything else in the world; it’s an inspiring gesture, not to mention a profoundly relatable concept. Aren’t we always searching for the best way to express our love? There are never enough – hence the continuing slew of love songs our species churns out on a daily basis. “Changes in Nature” stands out from the pack in its earnest attempt to quantify and explain the importance and impact of the one you love.

Hypnotic guitars swirl around vibrant harmonies in an emotionally rich proclamation of love, reminding us of that incredible, undefinable euphoria that justifies all of life’s drama and uncertainties. Share this song with the one you love, remind them what that love means. It only takes a second, and it will make their day.

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Changes in Nature - Secret Colours

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