Premiere: Crusoe’s “Living with the Lights Out” Aches with Heart & Hope in the Dark

The people who matter most in our lives are there for us in our darkest times – so when darkness falls and they’re nowhere to be found, it’s a sign of trouble. Crusoe’s “Living with the Lights Out” is an impassioned, aching lament of love’s final flicker before the lights fade and darkness settles in for good.

A Cure for Gravity - CrusoeA Cure for Gravity - Crusoe
A Cure for Gravity – Crusoe
Never would have thought
we could fall this far.

How could we forget just who we are?
We don’t sleep at night,
like phantoms lost in the hall.

You used to speak with your eyes,
Now you don’t see me at all.

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Living with the Lights Out,” off Crusoe’s recently released EP A Cure for Gravity (November 9, 2018 via Morning Routine Collective). The Wichita, Kansas indie pop trio of Jeremy Spring, Dustin Burnett, and Darren Elder, Crusoe captivate with a finessed pop/rock sound full of passion, soul, and energy. A Cure for Gravity finds the band exploring our own depths, and “pushing to find that thing that keeps you moving forward, with so much bringing us down in this life,” as vocalist Jeremy Spring explains.

Crusoe © Kacy Meinecke
Crusoe © Kacy Meinecke

A slow-burning song full of rich, warm melodies and sweeping sonic contours, “Living with the Lights Out” is the musical embodiment of a cry in the dark. Spring rises from hushed, smooth whispers to tearful cries as he makes that final plea for togetherness.

“Everybody goes through hard times, what matters is who is there to hold you when life goes dim,” vocalist Jeremy Spring tells Atwood Magazine. “This song is about a relationship on the rocks, just a flicker of love left. We shot a black and white noir music video for this song down in Guthrie, Oklahoma. I love that the album takes a second to breathe and reflect on relationship trouble with this song while still offering hope in the darkness.”

Directed by Logan Rine and starring Kyle Woods (man), Sarah Baskerville (woman), and Jeremy Spring (author), Crusoe’s black and white music video captures the pain and disconnect rampant throughout “Living with the Lights Out.” The characters seem to exist on separate planes, despite their closeness and proximity. They are all in their own lonely worlds, sequestered from one another as they dissociate from a once-paramount connection that has since withered away.

Crusoe bring out an array of dark and intense emotions as they bid farewell to someone, and something, taht was once so cherished. Stream “Living with the Lights Out” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and dive deeper into Crusoe’s A Cure for Gravity EP – out now!

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A Cure for Gravity - Crusoe

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