Video Premiere: The Tailormade Are Moving Onward with “Crossed My Mind”

The Tailormade’s “Crossed My Mind” is an anthem for moving on, and its video only further proves how great life can really be.

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Summer marks a time for renewal, starting fresh and moving on from hindrances. It encapsulates a feeling of freshness, allowing a welcomed growth and excitement for the future. In their video for “Crossed My Mind,” which Atwood Magazine is proudly premiering today, London-based indie outfit The Tailormade perfectly epitomize these breezy sentiments.

Watch: “Crossed My Mind” – The Tailormade

“Crossed My Mind,” the trio’s latest single, finds The Tailormade narrating moving on from a breakup, and the process of coping through it.

Feeling sorry for myself,
I try to get you off of my mind
I’ve been keeping myself busy,
Filling my bed on the cold nights
Heart’s beating in my chest,
And if I push I’m gonna flat line
Feel so close to the edge,
Feel like I’m gonna explode

The song opens with a forthright admission that things aren’t necessarily great immediately following the end of the relationship. Overthinking, filling voids, keeping busy for the sake of being busy; these are all things we have all done in the wake of heartbreak. Even still, The Tailormade note:

You said goodbye,
I said alright,
My face,
It lied ‘cause I was hurting inside.

Despite the heartache, the high road is still taken, and moving forward is inevitable. Through energetic instrumentals, there is palpable frenzy as the trio then divulges into the song’s chorus, which proclaims:

I don’t wanna waste,
I don’t wanna waste anymore of my time
I don’t wanna be,
I don’t ever wanna be on my own
I don’t believe in love,
I don’t believe in love
I was on my own i was on my own doing just fine,
Doing just fine
Til you crossed my mind

Through its bold claims, the song hosts a tactile vigor as it seeks a better, more promising future. “Crossed My Mind” accurately notes what it’s like to grieve an ex, and The Tailormade process breakups as we all tend to do: through staunchly denying any emotions whatsoever. With that, there then come fleeting moments of lust in the form of rebounding on a night out, as the second verse acknowledges:

Making eyes at strangers,
On the lookout for some danger close to midnight
She wears her hair the same as my ex,
Yeah I bet she’s —

There then comes the moment which we all dread: running into an ex’s friend.

In a state of drunkardness,
Of course I’m gonna bump into her best friends
Got a lump in my throat,
Feel like I’m gonna explode
They say alright,
I shout I’m fine.
Too much white wine,
It’s time to call it a night

By the end of the it, “Crossed My Mind” comes to terms with the breakup, satisfyingly claiming:

I don’t wanna ever pretend I believe in miracles
Outside looking in, sure it’s plain to see
I don’t wanna ever pretend I believe in miracles,
Not meant to be
I never really thought you was right for me

With this, there is a definitive release from the past, and a promise for a healthier future. The Tailormade come to grips with emotionality, guised beneath bouncy riffs and impassioned vocals. “Crossed My Mind” cycles through universal sentiments, exploring the variety of emotional avenues on which we all tend to travel.

In the accompanying visual for the track, The Tailormade offer a glimpse into life on the road, candidly showcasing their day-to-day adventures. While watching the video, viewers instantly feel as though they are a part of it all, going along on the journey right there with the band. This was intentional, too, as the band notes that the video “gives an insight to what we got up to over the summer and what it’s like to be on the road.”

The Tailormade and “Crossed My Mind” have fundamentally encapsulated processing heartache, and subsequently looking at a brighter future. While the visual narrative may initially appear misplaced, it in fact feels ostensibly befitting that the track’s accompanying video highlights summertime, offering up sentiments of definitive change and growth. “Crossed My Mind” is an anthem for moving on, and its video only further proves how great life can really be.

Watch the video for “Crossed My Mind” now, exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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