Today’s Song: Carly Pearce’s “my place” Is a Stirring Portrait of Heartache & Yearning Off Upcoming Album ‘hummingbird’

Carly Pearce © Allister Ann
Carly Pearce © Allister Ann
Singer/songwriter Carly Pearce questions her place in a love that has ended in her heavy-hearted new song, “my place.”
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Stream: “my place” – Carly Pearce

Country singer/songwriter, Grammy Award winner, and producer, Carly Pearce has released “my place,” the newest song from her upcoming album hummingbird (out 15 June via Big Machine Records). Hummingbird is produced by Pearce, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne, marking Pearce’s debut as a producer.

Physical space to emotional space is the subject matter of “my place.” Pearce says she wrote “my place” “after having a dream that the relationship I was in had ended… It was almost like my heart new it was going to happen before I wanted to believe it.”

hummingbird - Carly Pearce
hummingbird – Carly Pearce
It ain’t my place
To question if there’s
someone fillin’ my space

Ain’t my business tryna picture
four-by-sixes with her in ’em

“My place” is carried by a steady guitar strum humming in the background. A steel guitar and fiddle adds a twinge to Pearce’s vocals as she simultaneously reminisces and imagines about her place becoming filled with someone else.

That ain’t my lawn, that ain’t my porch
But he’s kissed me on those steps before
I picked that paint,
but that ain’t my front door

And that’s still his truck,
but that ain’t my Ford

When a relationship ends, it’s inevitable that someone new will take your place, and it is also inevitable that your mind will wonder, who that person is? Are they prettier than you? Do they make him happier than you did? Do they do things that you didn’t? The questions keep rolling around in your brain like a never-ending storm.

If she does things that I didn’t
Wonderin’ what the hell I’m wonderin’ for
It ain’t my place ’cause it ain’t my place anymore
Carly Pearce © Allister Ann
Carly Pearce © Allister Ann

Alongside the other singles Pearce has released from hummingbird, “my place” feels the loneliest.

Whilst “we don’t fight anymore,” Pearce’s duet with Chris Stapleton, told the story of two people only connected by shared space, “my place” – with its sparse arrangement and Pearce’s vulnerable vocals – packs that extra punch of being completely alone with these feelings of asking who is now laying on your side of the bed. The other person has moved on long ago and you’re still stuck in the past.

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Stream: “my place” – Carly Pearce

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hummingbird - Carly Pearce

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