Today’s Song: Caroline Romano Makes Us Feel Less Alone with “Stream of Consciousness”

Caroline Romano
Caroline Romano
A jolt of bright pop and acoustic songwriter ambience form the perfect balance in Caroline Romano’s latest single “Stream of Consciousness.” 
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“Stream of Consciousness” – Caroline Romano

How many thoughts go through our minds in a given day? How many times do we pivot from negative to positive? How many times do we convince ourselves of one thing only to decide that a different thing is actually right? At times you may feel like you’re alone in these thoughts. You may feel like the person beside you is so confident in who they are and the decisions they have made but, the truth is, that is rarely the case. Most humans go through the ups and downs of everyday thoughts and feelings. This is normal and you shouldn’t feel alone.

Stream of Consciousness- Caroline Romano
Stream of Consciousness- Caroline Romano

Singer/songwriter Caroline Romano did not want us to feel alone in our thoughts, so she created “Stream of Consciousness” (Released January 31). “I wrote “Stream of Consciousness” at home in my bedroom, during a time when I felt very alone. It’s about all of the thoughts running through my head on a daily basis, all of the quirks and differences that make me who I am,” she tells Atwood Magazine. “More than anything, I hope people take away a feeling of belonging, a realization that they’re not so alone in the things that they’re feeling. We’re all so unique, and I hope “Stream of Consciousness” encourages people to embrace themselves for who they are.”

Starting with quick, plucky guitar strums and Romano’s strong yet vulnerable vocals, the tone of “Stream of Consciousness” is set with almost an early 2000s Vanessa Carleton/Alanis Morrisette mood that is all too welcomed.

Oh, I don’t know what I’m doing here
I’m falling down from my atmosphere
I’m bad at telling jokes
A disappointment to my folks and
I try too hard to be loved
Too jealous of the girls
Beloved by boys who just don’t see me
Living life is never easy
Caroline Romano © 2020
Caroline Romano © 2020

Surprising synth sounds interject between verses and, ironically with the nostalgic sound, give the song a strong 2020 feeling as this nostalgia is being chased in music at the moment.

This is my stream of consciousness
This is my meaningless two cents
I’m at an all time low for innocence
It’s just me and my room and my mindlessness


Romano’s vocals continue to lead us with strength through this stream. There is something so refreshing about receiving full stream of consciousness in a song. We don’t think in perfect sentences. To see in a song how our brains truly work is a breath of authenticity that should be applauded.

Listen to me ramble
‘Cause I need someone to understand
Watch my life in shambles
All I need is someone else’s hand

Having amassed over 1.6M Spotify streams and opening up for Shawn Mendes and Daya under her belt, this isn’t Romano’s first go at a catchy-as-ever put on repeat song. We feel it’s only the beginning for this talented artist. One we look forward to hearing from in the future.

“Stream of Consciousness” – Caroline Romano

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Stream of Consciousness- Caroline Romano

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