Review: MisterWives’ ‘Connect the Dots’ Is a Compilation of Mini Masterpieces

Connect the Dots - MisterWives

When you think about your life and what has made you who you are today – it probably doesn’t trace back to one single moment. Likely, who you are is made up of all the little moments that have happened throughout your life. These moments don’t always make sense and they don’t always happen in logical order, but in a way they are all intertwined. All you have to do is connect the dots, because by connecting the dots, you’ll be able to see why these moments have created something as special as you.

Connect the Dots - MisterWives
Connect the Dots – MisterWives

MisterWives’ sophomore album is a compilation of mini masterpieces, each working together to create the final masterpiece. To enjoy and understand this album, all you have to do is what the title suggests: Sit back, dance, relax, and Connect The Dots (released May 19, 2017 via Republic Records/Photo Finish).

Sophomore albums are tricky, but MisterWives have managed to up their game and leave their fans with a collection of songs that will not disappoint. Each song is unique and not one acts as a filler. With funky guitar licks, no drum beat the same, and an unexpected twist at almost every hook, Connect the Dots leaves you with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

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:: Album Highlights ::

Chasing This

“Chasing This” is a sing-a-long, dance-a-long jam that dives into the bands long and hard journey to success. This is a band that went from playing the smallest venues in New York City dozens of times all the way to playing at Madison Square Garden while opening for Panic! At The Disco. This song is an ode to chasing their dream. All their hard work, and all the things they may have missed along the way, are finally paying off. Not to mention the musical composition of “Chasing This” has that irresistible quality that many MisterWives songs hold, likely influencing you to sing at the top of your lungs and dance around, as you take in the tune.

Only Human

“Only Human” is an incredibly light and fun tune. It holds more of a rock sound than they bands common soulful funk vibe, but never the less contains the forgiving and positive message they always seem to send. It also has one of the catchiest hooks on the album, bound to take you by pleasant surprise.


Upon first listen of “Revolution,” one may be led to believe it is a dark song. However, the verses delightfully juxtapose the bridge and the chorus. It turns from sad and sullen words and notes to perhaps the most joyous and uplifting chorus on the album. Towards the end of the song, lead singer, Mandy Lee harmonizes with herself in what sounds like a choir of a hundred voices joining together to do as the song says, and change the circumstances of this sometimes dark and scary world.

MisterWives © Mary Ellen Matthews
MisterWives © Mary Ellen Matthews

My Brother

“My Brother” is reminiscent of younger MisterWives tunes such as “Coffins.” It is a melancholy love letter of support ultimately leading up to a tremendous music and lyrical build of triumph and hope. The soft yet touching lyrics accompanied with the sullen tones are there to take us to the top of the build where the outpour of support in the music matches the heartfelt lyrics.

I’ll never leave you, I’ll never leave you,
I’ll never leave you.
I’ll see this through, I’ll see this through,
I’ll see this through.

This song is so great because it takes a step back from the band and their world and simply reminds listeners that family is the most important thing in this world, and no matter what, they are the ones that always be there for you.

Out Of Tune Piano

“Out Of Tune Piano” is cheeky and catchy as ever, which makes it an incredibly fun listen. Driven by dueling drum and guitar beats, its unique melody matches its positive lyrics. It’s personal and incredibly relatable. A plea MisterWives is sending to the generation who needs to hear it, and one who luckily, holds the band so near and dear to their hearts.

Love yourself my dear, do I make myself clear?
MisterWives © Mary Ellen Matthews
MisterWives © Mary Ellen Matthews

Coloring Outside The Lines

Similar to “Chasing This,” “Coloring Outside The Lines,” holds that intangible quality that lies in several MisterWives songs, willing listeners to turn the volume up and embrace the happy feeling the song creates. “Coloring Outside The Lines” is all about embracing the life this band has made for themselves, more specifically what lead singer Mandy Lee and drummer fiancé Etienne Bowler have made for themselves.

Tangled in one bunk because we can’t sleep
If I don’t feel your arms wrapped around me
Been to every rest stop in the country
Without you, oh this dream would feel so empty

Although their life in MisterWives may be unconventional, it’s the life they love and are so thankful to have.

Say, what we wanna
Do, make it all come
True, because nothing is impossible with you
Open my eyes
To see you and I
Can’t believe this is life
We’re coloring outside the lines

“Coloring Outside The Lines” is a MisterWives anthem, sure to make its way to popularity, similar to songs like “Our Own House” and “Reflections” that catapulted this band into the spotlight.

Band Camp

Proving to be a fan favorite, for good reason, “Band Camp” is a blissfully stripped down song about the bands time away in a secluded cabin where they created the album “Connect The Dots.” The song starts and you immediately feel at ease as a soft acoustic guitar accompanies the sound of a crackling bonfire. Mandy Lee’s unmatched voice chimes in with her fellow MisterWives backing her,

No we don’t, no we don’t, no we don’t want it any other way
And we love, and we love, we love being so far away
And we go, and we go, and we go to the woods where we can play
There we keep, yeah we keep, oh we keep all the monsters at bay

The song allows you to escape away with them. It lets you in on the experience they had while doing something they loved.

The stars don’t burn as bright way back at home
Out here we’ve got a case of sky’s the limit syndrome
Smell of firewood and fresh pine etched in our minds
Keep me here forever, perfect moment in time

“Band Camp” reminds you to do things you love and to appreciate great moments as they are happening. It reminds you to hold on and never forget what makes you feel happiest, and most importantly, yourself.

Let The Light In

“Let The Light In” is an absolute jam. This song is a constant build into an explosive melody of letting the light in, literally and metaphorically. A perfect close to what the album is all about – letting the light in. What is the light? It is everything MisterWives stands for – strength, hope, positivity, staying true to who you are, and finally, finding who and what it is that you love and never letting it go.

Connect The Dots is an album that cannot be ignored. Each song takes you on a meticulously thought-out journey, musically and lyrically. Upon listening, it’s evident that each note and lyric of every single song was so carefully crafted. MisterWives poured their hearts and souls into this album, and for that it deserves a listen – or maybe ten.

Listen to Connect The Dots on all music and streaming services now, and catch MisterWives this summer and fall on their headlining Band Camp and Connect the Dots tours. This band puts on one of the best shows you’ll see – it’s likely more unforgettable than the album itself.

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Connect the Dots - MisterWives

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Connect the Dots - MisterWives
Connect the Dots – MisterWives

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2017 Tour Dates

The Band Camp Tour
6/14 @ Delmar Hall in St. Louis, MO
6/16 @ Express Live! in Columbus, OH
6/17 @ Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC
6/18 @ Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE
6/21 @ The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA
6/23 @ Crofoot in Pontiac, MI
6/24 @ Mamby on the Beach in Chicago, IL
6/27 @ Bogart’s in Cincinnati, OH
6/28 @ Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI
6/29 @ First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN
7/1 @ Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO
7/21-23 @ Karoondinha Festival in Centre Hall, PA
The Connect the Dots Tour
9/21 @ Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, TN
9/23 @ Center Stage in Atlanta, GA
9/24 @ Beacham Theatre in Orlando, FL
9/26 @ Emo’s in Austin, TX
9/27 @ House of Blues in Dallas, TX
9/29 @ The Van Buren in Phoenix, AZ
9/30 @ The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA
10/3 @ The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, CA
10/4 @ The Fox Theatre in Oakland, CA
10/6 @ Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR
10/7 @ Showbox SoDo in Seattle, WA
10/17 @ House of Blues in Cleveland, OH
10/18 @ Phoenix Theatre in Toronto, ON
10/20 @ House of Blues in Boston, MA
10/25 @ Terminal 5 in New York, NY
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