Premiere: Toronto’s Delaney Jane Lets ‘Em Down Easy in Aching “On Paper”

Delaney Jane © 2020
Delaney Jane © 2020
Juno nominated singer and songwriter Delaney Jane says a painful goodbye in her heartbreaking new single “On Paper,” a lush, turbulent alt-pop upheaval.
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The entire process of writing and finishing this song was just as heartbreaking as it was therapeutic.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but we can’t deny our feelings forever; eventually, if we’re not in the right relationship, we have to tell ourselves and our partner the sad, but real truth. Juno nominated singer and songwriter Delaney Jane stays true to herself in her heartbreaking new single “On Paper,” a lush, turbulent alt-pop upheaval. Three short minutes depict one of the hardest ways to say goodbye: Intimately, face-to-face.

On Paper - Delaney Jane
On Paper – Delaney Jane
at two in the morning,
you’re asleep and i’m tossing in my head
there’s a war going on
inside my mind
and my heart is winning it
and you don’t even know
when you open up your eyes
it’s over
I wish I could say that I feel this way
’cause I’m not sober
maybe you’ll regret this
maybe second-guess this love
’cause I gotta let you go
even though I wanna hold you closer

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “On Paper,” Delaney Jane’s latest single of 2020 following a recent string of singles that includes the intimate “Somewhere Else,” the longing “Want You Now,” and the tantalizingly catchy “Just Sex.” Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Jane initially broke into the EDM world through collaborations with the likes of Tiesto, DVBBS, and many more. Her soaring, ethereal pipes make her a sought-after vocalist, and those talents have brought her to some of the biggest stages in pop music. More recently, Jane has shined brightly through her own songwriting; her 2017 single “Howl” and 2018’s “Hotel Room” and “Bad Habits” introduced her as a layered creative capable of balladry and anthemic overhauls, and everything in-between. 2019’s debut album Dirty Pretty Things has racked up over 30 million times, with songs like “Safe with You” delivering the arresting intimacy, immediacy, and connectivity so many of us long for these days.

Delaney Jane © 2020
Delaney Jane © 2020

It’s been less than a year since her debut full-length offering, but 2020 has kept up a busy release schedule for Delaney Jane. Her songwriting continues to dive deeper into whatever situation it’s exploring, and in point of fact it’s her lyricism that truly resonates across “On Paper,” where the artist wrestles with her head and her heart over breaking up with a boy who’s “perfect on paper.” (“If only what I wrote down was real, I wouldn’t have to break your heart,” Jane goes on to sing in the chorus.)

“Have you ever been in a relationship with someone but had this inherent feeling like something was missing?” Jane tells Atwood Magazine. “When I wrote this song I was going through the worst internal battle between my head and my heart. I was torn because my boyfriend at the time was so good to me and it’s not like anything was really wrong between us, but I knew deep in my core something just wasn’t right.”

She continues, “To the outside world we were perfect for one another, but on the inside I felt like I was suffocating. At the end of the day I don’t think it had anything to do with him and everything to do with the fact that I still had so much growing to do. “On Paper” poured out of me almost effortlessly, and was maybe the first times I began to accept my true feelings that I had been suppressing for so long. So, in many ways, the entire process of writing and finishing this song was just as heartbreaking as it was therapeutic. “

Delaney Jane © 2020
Delaney Jane © 2020

Heavy and heartfelt, “On Paper” resonates with pained electropop energy. Jane’s vocals take center stage as she laments an upcoming emotional tragedy – a wreckage she must create, in order to do be true to herself. We hear her reckoning with this poignant notion, coming to understand the implications of her actions and knowing how hard the aftermath will be. Nevertheless, this is what must be done: And ultimately, part of what makes “On Paper” so compelling is the resolve Jane carries in her gut.

Following August’s release “Just Sex,” “On Paper” is an assurance that Jane is committed to diving deeper into herself and embedding her music with all that she finds. It’s a heartbreaker for sure, and a confident addition to the young artist’s fast-growing catalog. Stream “On Paper” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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On Paper - Delaney Jane

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