This Just In: Chasing “Dreams” with Kid Froopy’s Entrancing New Single

Dreams - Kid Froopy
Dreams - Kid Froopy

These days, normal is something to be avoided. If you’re normal, you’re mainstream – and if you’re mainstream, are you really anything? Kid Froopy has been on our radar since his first single, “bb (four missed texts),” and he continues to defy genres with his latest single and video, “Dreams” (released May 5 via DeadBeats).

Futuristic and atmospheric, you’re in a whole new world with “Dreams.” Mysterious and eerie from vocals to instrumentals, it’s a sort of ode to that weird morning after a night you’re not sure you enjoyed, but are glad you experienced nonetheless.

late night feeling real and in my chest
smell still on me like a cigarette
just pretend I didn’t send the texts
or keep me on read if you’re over it
hit the snooze again
i need a coffee and like 3, 4 acetaminophen
forgot to pay my rent again
face down fucked up in the tenement
“Dreams” – Kid Froopy
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Characteristic of a hazy next day, our hero realizes he sent some risky texts but remains mostly indifferent, is in desperate need of a painkiller and forgot to pay rent. This leads us to wonder about the common “party” stage in life so many of us experience. At what point is it no longer just for fun? When does having some slightly irresponsible but essentially harmless fun turn into a cycle of negligence?

don’t know what to say, ok, and that’s my bad
ignore it just to make you mad
i’m driving out the city n it’s over now
dreaming of leaving
Dreams - Kid Froopy
Dreams – Kid Froopy

As the track continues, it becomes clear, as the lyrics state, that he’s dreaming of leaving – ready to move on from this stage in life – and it seems he finally manages it. However, the repetition “dreaming / of leaving” might cause skepticism about whether or not he’s still just dreaming.

“Dreaming” is a thoughtful dialogue, if you see it that way. If you don’t, it’s still a fascinating and complex song with exciting melodies and dreamy vocals that make you wonder how they came to be. That’s the beauty of Kid Froopy – he conscientiously makes music capable of both enjoyment and fascination.

Kid Froopy © 2017
Kid Froopy © 2017

The fact that Kid Froopy prefers to stay out of the spotlight and pushes his music to the forefront, ironically, amplifies his character. With few real photos of himself – the one we publish here is his first – and everything done from an apartment in Iowa, he’s the definition of a bedroom producer, and one with huge potential at that. And as cliché as some might call it, letting your music speak for itself is a foolproof way to make people do one thing: listen.

With “Dreams,” Kid Froopy also delves into a new arena – visuals that accompany his music. The video that accompanies the track is ethereal and appropriately, entirely digital. Created by SHINOSM, real name Shinichiro Fujita, the video takes us through a plethora of doors into various rooms, landscapes, and even outer space. Eventually, we’re floating amongst countless doors in the vastness that is the universe.

Watch: “Dreams” – Kid Froopy


“The pink doors are from a childhood Japanese cartoon called ‘Doraemon,’” SHINOSM says. “In the cartoon, characters use these pink doors as portals that escape to adventures in exotic lands and galaxies.”

SHINOSM’s inspiration blends beautifully with the concept of the song. As Kid Froopy sings about discontent and leaving, we fly to the places he just might be dreaming of through doors that open to the beat of the track. As the lyrics are highlighted as they go like a karaoke video, the whole thing feels retro and video game-esque.

Kid Froopy continues to build a portfolio of artistic and conceptual work that perplexes and delights. In a genre where there really are no rules, he seems to be breaking the mold nonetheless. Not to mention, it’s just damn good, funky fresh music. We can’t wait to see what else he’s got up his sleeve.

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Kid Froopy (courtesy of the artist)

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:: “Dreams” – Kid Froopy ::

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