Today’s Song: Dove Cameron Unveils Her Most Truthful Self in Latest Single “Bloodshot”

Dove Cameron sheds light on the creative artist she’s always wanted to be with new single “Bloodshot” that captures the universal feeling of loss.
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Dove Cameron is taking her stories, her personality, her life and showcasing it in a brand new way – through her original music, and she’s doing it fearlessly. Ready to step into a new chapter of her creative journey, the Emmy Award-winning actress is now focusing on music in a way she never has before. After six years of creating and writing, her latest single “Bloodshot” gives a dark yet honest look into the young entertainer’s expressive mind.

Bloodshot – Dove Cameron

Music has followed Cameron her entire life, and singing and songwriting is something that isn’t new to her at all. Growing up in a household surrounded by music and entertainment, it took no time for Cameron to fall in love with art and performing. Despite nearly an entire life’s worth of both acting and singing experience under her belt, Cameron has revealed that diving into her music is something that still feels new to her. It’s something she wants to pursue wholeheartedly, as she explains in a letter to her fans posted on social media about why the release of her music took so long:

It’s been the strongest, most varied/twisted journey to get to this point, but I’m so glad that it was. While this is only the start of it for the first time in my young career and life, I finally feel like I see who I am reflected in something I’m sharing with the world.

If spending a few years away from the limelight is what it took for Cameron to finally release her music, then we wouldn’t have it any other way. “Bloodshot” isn’t your average break-up song, though it may sound like one. Cameron states that she even “tends to really hate break-up songs,” and, consequently, the synth-pop track shows that there is so much more substance, personality, and truth buried in its lyricism and sound than you might think.

The colors are different
Foreign and beautiful

Written by Cameron with help from Carly Paige Waldrip, Downtown Trevor Brown, and William Zaire, the song begins by pulling listeners in with a dreamy overlay of harmonies. One of the most beautiful things about the track is that, sonically, the song sounds reminiscent of enchantment. It’s light pop vibe and synth echoes is a call for listeners to lean in closer, to listen harder, and to pay close attention. It sounds as though you’re entering a dreamland, and lyrics like, “The colors are different/foreign and beautiful” push this feeling even further.

Even more intriguing is the way the song’s lyrics reveal a darker story over such a light, clouded tone. There is a reflection of a deep level of hurt and vulnerability that sits within Cameron’s lyrics as she sings about people telling her she’s “losing her mind.” The fact that the song sounds so imaginative mirrors how sometimes while dealing with any kind of heartbreak, pain, or loss anyone can begin to feel like they’re losing their senses.

Losing focus
Losing moments

The song also plays with lyrical visuals in a stunning way, as Cameron uses her voice to breathe life to simple, everyday things like, “Staring at the fan all night,” or the way you can lose focus at a certain time or moment. Even words as simple as, “bloodshot eyes” spark such heavy imagery that you can’t help but wonder, “What caused the hurt and the pain?”

Cameron reveals that “Bloodshot” isn’t exactly about a breakup, but rather more about the feeling of a loss that every single person on the planet has felt at least once in their life. The universality of the song has many of the singer’s loyal fans relating to her words on a deeply personal level. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, the loss of your younger self, the loss of innocence, or the loss of joy, the feeling that kind of pain induces is all beautifully encapsulated in Cameron’s truth.

This is the start of a whole new era for me as an artist where my music plays a central role.

After signing with Columbia’s Disruptor Records just last year, Dove Cameron is finally coming to the forefront of the scene with new music, and no matter what you’ve heard about her before, one thing remains the same: Cameron is a true artist who pursues art in all forms. The exciting thing about finally hearing her music is how she’s stepping into her own light with a dedicated spirit, undeniable talent, and absolutely nothing to prove.

Watch “Bloodshot” – Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron’s latest singles “Bloodshot” and “Waste” are available for streaming across all music platforms. You can also catch her performing live in The Light in the Piazza at the Los Angeles Opera now through October 20, 2019.

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