Premiere: Sleep State’s Irresistible “Dyin’ When I See Ya” Reclaims the Worst. Date. Ever.

Southern California trio Sleep State hit a new high with their catchy single “Dyin’ When I See Ya,” a dazzling burst of pop/rock charm wrapped in a sad, true story.
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For a band named Sleep State, these guys are very much awake – in fact, they’re thriving. The Southern California trio hit a new high with their catchy single “Dyin’ When I See Ya,” a dazzling burst of pop/rock charm wrapped in a sad, true story:

Dyin’ when I see ya
Can’t believe it’s been a year
Since I looked in the mirror
Just to find you with another man.

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Dyin’ When I See Ya,” Sleep State’s third single release of 2018 (following February’s “Awkward” and June’s “Disco Destiny). Formed in 2013, Sleep State consists of Troy Ritchie (guitar, lead vocals), Michael Haua (keyboard, vocals), and Parker Jackson (drums). The rock/pop trio blends garage-y drive with rich pop melodies to drown their audience in spirited and dance-friendly waves of warmth.

Sleep State © Shannon Pitts
Sleep State © Shannon Pitts

“‘Dyin’ When I See Ya’ is about a time that really sucked in my life. Rather than dwell and feel depressed about it, I turned the story into a seemingly happy and fun song,” vocalist Troy Ritchie tells Atwood Magazine. “I went on about 4 or 5 dates with this really cute and cool girl and thought things were going pretty well. I invite her out to a house party after our last date, thinking she would be excited to see me when she gets there.”

He continues, “Already stoned and drunk, she barely wants to talk to me when she arrives. Michael and I had just wrapped up playing a quick show at the house party and have to tear down our equipment real quick, so she wanders off to socialize with other friends. After my stuff is packed up, I start to wander around the party only to look through this mirror in the house to see her dancing with a friend. I think nothing of it at first, but then I look back and they start making out in the middle of the dance floor. She then takes his hand and they wander off into the host of the party’s room to hook up. I instantly feel a wave of depression roll over me and need to get back to my house as soon as possible. To make matters worse, I try to vent to my friend about it and he couldn’t care less.”

Sleep State © Shannon Pitts
Sleep State © Shannon Pitts
Well it’s over baby, I know this
I’m just trying to hide my emotions,
but in a moment, I might be exploding
If I talk to you, oh guess who
But of course, how lucky am I?
You come a-walking my way
with a pen and some plates,

Daggers flyin, into my spine
As you give us your name and ask
what we shall be drinking today

With a light reggae beat and shimmering underlaid keyboards, “Dyin’ When I See Ya” is irresistibly charming. Ritchie turns his pain into pure passion as he croons a heart-on-sleeve lament, his strong voice full of subtle emotion. The song’s instantly-memorable refrain makes its story that much more striking: Painful though it may be, “Dyin’ When I See Ya” turns a nightmare into a sweet dream, making it one of the most fun not-love songs you’ll hear all year.

Sleep State drive the song home even further with their stellar music video, a timely portraiture of the story that captures regret and remorse, heartache and anger. The band make it easy for us to picture ourselves in a similar situation, their emotions jumping out with undeniable force.

All told, “Dyin’ When I See Ya” is Sleep State’s best offering yet, a colorful, dynamic, and deeply emotive piece of feelgood fun. Stream “Dyin’ When I See Ya” exclusively on Atwood Magazine! The song is out everywhere October 16, 2018.

So I’m dyin when I see ya
Can’t believe it’s been a year
Since I looked in that mirror
Just to find you holding other hands
And hanging out with other dudes
And making all the same kinds of plans
Doin all the things that we used to do
I’m dyin’ when I see you
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