Today’s Song: Mansionair’s “Easier” is an Echo of Hope for the Static

Mansionair © Charlie Hardy
Mansionair © Charlie Hardy

Australian outfit, Mansionair, is rising to widespread recognition with their lush instrumentation and enchanting vocal melodies. The trio has recently released “Easier,” the striking introduction to their upcoming full album (expected in 2017 via Glassnote). The track begins with a breath as symphonic production emerges from desolate spaces. With his hauntingly delicate vocals, singer Jack Froggatt, embodies sleepless nights and the anxiety surrounding immobility.

Listen: “Easier” – Mansionair
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The song opens with an image perhaps too familiar. One finds themselves staring at the ceiling — weary and wishing for change.

Face up, untouched
Gazing at the ceiling
Game’s up, never bring you down
Face up, I’ll lose
Craving for some feeling
Game’s up, we’re nowhere to be found
I’m stuck, I’m stuck, I’m stuck here in my skin
Easier - Mansionair
Easier – Mansionair

Wonder and frustration then emanates from the first verse. A state-of-being can be fragile. Sometimes, there is nothing to do but relinquish control and hope for the best.

Throughout the song, an infectiously rhythmic line repeats:

Tell me it gets easier, that I’ll figure it out

The pulse of the bass waxes and wains. While it swoops in and out, the piano drives the beat forward. Although Froggatt is pleading for assurance, there is a glint of hope that lies within the comfort of his velvety tone. While he sings, he explores the questions afflicting someone who feels they’re “going nowhere”.

Finally, the song closes with the word “easier” echoing in the back of your ears. Sometimes, telling yourself things will get easier may be all it takes — maybe the consoling outro can help. At the very least, this gorgeously constructed single is hope that everything will turn out alright.

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cover: Mansionair © Charlie Hardy
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