Today’s Song: Elephant Heart Hypnotize with Latest Single “The Thunder”

Hypnotic, explosive, and genre-bending, Elephant Heart provide an unabashed anthem to lose oneself to with newest single “The Thunder.”
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Listen: “The Thunder” – Elephant Heart

The LA-based electronic duo Elephant Heart produces music that honestly is hard to pin down. At times poppy and warm, it can quickly turn into bustling electronic beats that circulate the brain and enrapture those listening. This is the effect their latest single, “The Thunder,” will have on listeners as its multi-cultural melodies and bass-heavy synths create multi-dimensional dreamscapes for people to get lost in.

The Thunder – Elephant Heart

Made up of married couple Victoria and Jason Evigan, Elephant Heart was created in 2016 after the couple’s love for world travel and global culture reached its zenith. With their knowledge of various countries gained from travel and work on their non-profit (Picture This), the couple found music to be the perfect outlet to showcase it all. Their first single, “HIYA,” was a track of love and truth surrounded by alluring chants that one would be hard-pressed to be obsessed with. Now, with “The Thunder,” the duo is exploring depression and anxiety with a steadfast approach and bellowing roars.

The Thunder is a proclamation to the Darkness, saying ‘I’m done listening to you, I’m not drinking your cyanide anymore,’” explains the duo. “It’s the revelation that we have light living inside of us, that Light can never be defeated. Walk into a pitch-black room and turn on a flashlight or even light a candle…you will see that the darkness doesn’t stand a chance! This is our activation song. When we are feeling depressed, experiencing anxiety and addiction, we put it on. It helps us activate and ignite our inner warrior.”

Sick of drinking your cyanid,
keep me from walkin’ on the right side,
sipping your Koolaid like a mai tai,
you’ve been messing with the wrong guy.

The track starts with a gradual buildup of electronic beats that morphs into a mesmerizing soundscape with one single word: Activate. With each “activate” said, listeners will almost instinctively jump and move their bodies to the music, almost as if they are unknown sleeper agents that were programmed to dance uncontrollably. The track never slows in pace, always growing and mutating further into an amalgamation of diverse harmonies and distinct chants. The vocals from Victoria add an enticing quality to the already beguiling track, elevating it to further heights and allowing it to sink further into the minds of those listening.

Elephant Heart © 2019
so you think you’re a big bad wolf,
well imma imma blow your house down with one puff
Got the fire from within us
I’ve been sent to deliver.

At the track’s end, all of the varied instrumentation, synths, electronics, and intonations come to a stormy, howling finish that will leave goosebumps for hours after the track finishes. However, the fun isn’t finished there, as the track was translated into the visual in the most hypnotic way possible. It’s a trip, to say the least, where viewers see the duo and friends on a cross-country road trip where they explore the cosmos itself. It’s addicting, it’s thrilling, and it turns an already fantastic track into one of 2019’s most memorable singles.

See, you’re a sly guy dressing up in black tie,
But my heart’s flying up in the sky-high,
chargin’ up like fungi
Think you better run, guy,
this is not a drive-by,
spirits come we’ve won right!

The fact Elephant Heart is so hard to pin down only adds to their charm—always keeping fans on their toes as single after single is released, all with their own distinct flair and beauty. Lucky for fans, though, the duo is slated to have their debut album release later this year, allowing for all of their otherworldly soundscapes to be enjoyed in one fell swoop. There’s no date yet, but the wait will most certainly be worth it.

Listen: “The Thunder” – Elephant Heart

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