Premiere: Arms Akimbo Ignite with Fiery Grace on “Seven Mirrors”

Arms Akimbo © 2018
Arms Akimbo © 2018
A viscerally raw and energetic anthem, “Seven Mirrors” captures the euphoric core of Arms Akimbo as they balance love and lust, hands still on their hips.

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See I’m lost in a corridor with seven mirrors in my way

There’s nothing like a blazing anthem to set your mornings on fire. Arms Akimbo’s fiery “Seven Mirrors” is a hot ball of energy rife with longing and desire, pulsing beats, and gut-busting riffs. It’s the comeuppance for a young band headed for the top, a passionate burst you’ll catch yourself singing all day long.

One lazy sunday we arrive
And I swear you lost my mind
But I found it when you shut the light
Beware. All I ever do is care
and I know that tends to scare
I’m just sick of my own hair
Listen: “Seven Mirrors” – Arms Akimbo
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Seven Mirrors,” the latest single off Arms Akimbo’s forthcoming sophomore EP, The Wrong Kind of Dance Party (independently out February 23 2018). The Los Angeles, CA indie rock/pop troupe of Peter Schrupp, Christopher Kalil, Colin Boppell, and Matt Sutton bring an eclectic mix of influences to what is ultimately an all-night dance party full of enthusiasm and fervent cheer. Their 2015 debut EP Vignettes lit a flashfire for the band that has continued to burn bright in their favor, finding them opening for the likes of Walk the Moon, The Animals, and Colleen Green, and garnering considerable success on Spotify, where they peaked at #48 on the Global chart, #45 on the US chart, and a stunning #7 on the Canadian “Viral” chart.

Not bad for a band with their hands on their hips.

The Wrong Kind of Dance Party - Arms AkimboThe Wrong Kind of Dance Party finds Arms Akimbo refining their sound as they explore the inner beauty of band cohesion. So much live performance so early on in their career has forced them to hone their skills, and we can feel their synchrony as a group in songs like “Seven Mirrors,” where the whole band build together toward a sound, each member making the most of their instrument while still working together as a group. That synchrony is especially present between Schrupp’s bouncing guitar work and the equally bouncing bass, which – together with some excellent drum work – builds an entire rhythm off that riffing melody. What comes out of this is a fully-fleshed out feeling, an energy echoed through every crevasse of “Seven Mirrors.”

As it turns out, this “energy” is the quintessence of Arms Akimbo.

Arms Akimbo © 2018
Arms Akimbo © 2018
I can’t see you
(runaway runaway)
No I don’t wanna see you
(runaway runaway)
See I’m lost in an illusion
where everybody wants my eyes
I’m gonna take a chance and
(runaway runaway)
No matter what the outcome
(runaway runaway)
See I’m lost in a corridor
with seven mirrors in my way

“Despite the new recording, ‘Seven Mirrors’ is actually the oldest Arms Akimbo track in our set,” shares Peter Schrupp. “The origins of the song go back 3 years [to] when I was doing a live solo performance with my loop pedal at a local open mic in Los Angeles, CA. I came up with the ping pong, rhythmic guitar part by changing my usual picking pattern and built the rest of the song around that new energy. I sang some gibberish and no one in the crowd complained, but somehow landed on the chorus melody “Oh you gotta let me know.” It’s bizarre to think how little effort went into the genesis of this song, because it ended up permuting a ton between then and now, both sonically and lyrically.”

Arms Akimbo © 2018
Arms Akimbo © 2018

What Schrupp is basically saying, in not so many words, is that “Seven Mirrors” served as a foundational element – part of the essence – of the Arms Akimbo sound. It’s the spark that lit their fire, inspiring other songs along the way despite only now seeing the light of day itself.

He continues: “When we were tracking the new EP, we knew we wanted to pull a song out of our so-called “back catalog” and this was a no-brainer. Despite its long lifespan, ‘Seven Mirrors’ is still one of our favorite songs to play live. We go wild, pass around gang vocals, pack on layers of harmonies, and one of us typically falls on the ground while shredding the guitar solo.”

All things considered, it’s actually better that the band waited to release this song. So many factors are at play on “Seven Mirrors,” both musically and lyrically, and the group manage to bring all of that to life through a tight, exciting combination of strengths.

Now I know
I’m not supposed to go
I should leave their lives alone
Even though he won’t be home
But she told me that she’s ready
And she told me she would let me
See I want nothing more than
to see her clothes along my floor
Oh you gotta let me know
Won’t you let me know

A viscerally raw, intricate and energetic anthem, “Seven Mirrors” captures the euphoric core of Arms Akimbo. It finds the full band at their best and brightest – from heated vocals to frenetic guitar solos and so much more. Yes, it’s sort of a song about coming to terms with being a homewrecker… But hey, maybe it’s also a song about finding love with your one and only! Either way, you find yourself rooting for the narrator – hoping everything sorts out right. Arms Akimbo are a definite artist to watch – don’t miss their sophomore EP The Wrong Kind of Dance Party, out February 23, 2018!

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The Wrong Kind of Dance Party - Arms Akimbo

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