Premiere: FAIRCHILD Soar on the Heart-Heavy “Fly”

Fairchild © 2017
Fairchild © 2017

Change doesn’t have to be a “good” thing or a “bad” thing; it can just be a thing, without the extra labels; we know what change means to us in the moment, but that opinion may change given time and added thought. FAIRCHILD carry the heavy weight of change in their vibing new single “Fly,” the final release in advance of their long-awaited debut album.

Let it fly
Let it fly on its own
Let it fly, so I can see
Listen: “Fly” – FAIRCHILD
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Fly,” the penultimate track off FAIRCHILD’s upcoming debut album, So Long and Thank You (out August 4, 2017, via the band’s own label, Canvas Sounds). After spending two years in Manchester, UK writing and recording their record – not to mention establishing themselves as a premier up-and-coming indie rock act – the G0ld Coast band returned home in 2017. This release is far more than the sum of a few years in the studio: It’s the culmination of major life transitions; of shared moments with friends new and old; of a band with relentless spirit and abounding creativity.

Fly - Fairchild
Fly – Fairchild

A quick listen back to their first three EPs shows just how much FAIRCHILD have developed in a short span of time. Their songs are matured and consistently engaging, often employing a number of different sonic colors and textures to create this feeling of depth. Nowhere is that more apparent than on “Fly,” a downtempo song that employs lots of lyrical repetition and an organic, sort of post-rock build.

Hope when it gets cold
‘Cause my fear is that I’m getting old
Breathe when it takes hold
To start again

FAIRCHILD slowly, carefully build to a climactic ecstasy, allowing for natural rises and falls in energy along the way. What results is an intense physical and emotional response for the listener – the sense that one has truly traveled from A to B, coming to terms with the world around them in order to achieve some sort of inner peace and balance.

Fairchild © 2017
Fairchild © 2017

Vocalist Adam Lyons describes “Fly” as “a simple song about stepping back and accepting your lack of control in any given situation — that you can try up to a certain point, but at some stage you have to surrender and let whatever you care about be what it is.” It’s the journey toward acceptance, wrapped in a blanket of turmoil.

“Fly” is the only song on the album that wasn’t produced by Catherine Marks, and it’s the first FAIRCHILD song to feature people who aren’t in the band. “I think that makes it really special,” reflects Lyons. “Moving to Manchester was hard, but leaving it was worse. Every time I hear ‘Fly,’ I hear the voices of the friends I left in that city and I know I made the right choice producing this song the way I did.”

“Because to let something fly means to let yourself be thankful for what you had. And I can happily say that I am and always will be.’”

FAIRCHILD’s debut album, So Long and Thank You, is available everywhere this Friday. See below to access the record, and enjoy Atwood Magazine’s exclusive stream of “Fly,” a song that soars with the warmth of appreciation and gratitude. To quote another band with ties to Manchester, FAIRCHILD won’t look back in anger.

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Fly - Fairchild

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