Premiere: Brandon Jenner Strives to Be Better and “Face the World”

Brandon Jenner
Brandon Jenner

Life is a beautiful, capricious thing. One cannot deny the undeniable power that the feeling of being alive elicits; one can never take these things for granted. In his gorgeous new video for his song “Face the World,” which Atwood Magazine is proudly premiering today, Brandon Jenner seeks solace in living in the present and appreciating the small moments.

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“Face the World” allows Jenner the opportunity to live as his most authentic self. In its lyricism, the song appreciates the little things, with Jenner elucidating our inherent smallness in this great big universe. He asks the universe in return to take mercy on his modesty.

Eyes of the universe judge me as you please,
But these pieces in my head were placed together so randomly
Drifting on the words from this shadow of a friend,
“You can follow me around if you treat me well till the end”
Face the World - Brandon Jenner
Face the World – Brandon Jenner

The song continues on by apologizing to those left behind in the wake of Jenner’s ongoing growth, claiming it was unintentional that things turned out the way that they did. Jenner nonetheless knows that pushing forward remains an unchangeable facet in discovering his identity, and refuses to sacrifice or compromise his worth.

Grab a hold of someone
as we sink into the sky,
You’d think spinning on the Earth
would be enough of a ride
We lost the magic potion,
or at least that’s what you said
Oh the happiness we’d found
once all ambitions we had shed

Jenner notes the significance of these words, saying that not only does he appreciate how the line is visualized, but he also resonates with its inherent meaning.

“In my life, I am in constant practice to slow down and focus on all the wonderful things that this existence has to offer,” Jenner explains. “On a physical level, we are all so insignificant. However, on a spiritual level, we are the most powerful beings to ever exist, with the ability to choose how our reality plays out.”

Brandon Jenner
Brandon Jenner

In the accompanying video for “Face the World,” we find Jenner traversing his hometown of Malibu, using its landscapes to supplement the song’s lyrical content. With the oceanside backdrop, Jenner is contemplative, existing simply: stringing his guitar, laying with his dog, woodworking, picking strawberries. He meanders along the coast as dusk begins to fall, and the song’s meaning feels particularly heavy against these visuals. The video comes to a close with Jenner sitting on his beloved hometown beach, and one cannot help but feel the palpable peace Jenner ostensibly feels.

“[The message behind this song and its video is] to be present in the small moments and to have the courage to evaluate your own life,” Jenner says. “Then to go on and make the tough decisions and have the hard conversations that will allow your true self to blossom. “

“Face the World” stakes claim as a stunning homage to all that life has to offer, and the moments that one should never take for granted. Brandon Jenner brilliantly explicates the minute ways in which we should all try to live better, and does so with careful panache. Our world is a merely a small rock floating in a vast universe, and our lives in this world are singularly unmatched. Take a moment today to be grateful for all that we are fortunate enough to have.

Watch the video for “Face the World” below, exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Face the World - Brandon Jenner

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