Today’s Song: Girl and Girl’s Jittery, Punk-Infused Indie Rock Single “Dance Now” Makes You Wanna Do Just That

Girl and Girl © James Caswell
Girl and Girl © James Caswell
The infectious, carefree nature of Girl and Girl’s “Dance Now” reflects the Brisbane-based band’s ability to combine the sound of early noughties Britpop with laidback Aussie rock.
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“Dance Now” showcases Girl and Girl’s delightfully exuberant energy as a prelude to their successfully intimate second EP Divorce +.

Released June 8, 2022, the garage-rock song entwines charismatic electric guitar and consistently optimistic drums with the melancholic drawl of frontman Kai James. Although not a new release, “Dance Now” remains timelessly relevant as the May sunshine peeks through and reminds all of us miserable Brits that a summer of longer, warmer evenings awaits. Girl and Girl’s infectious track refuses to retreat into the distant past of forgotten singles due to its blend of sun-drenched Aussie vocals layered over a nostalgic indie-rock sound reminiscent of The Strokes and Parquet Courts.

Girl and Girl's 'Divorce +' EP
Girl and Girl’s ‘Divorce +’ EP, released June 8, 2023 via Sub Pop Records

The explanation to this unique, multi-genre composition becomes evident when looking at the members of this Australian quartet. Frontman Kai James crafts the band’s trademark lyrics narrating modern anxieties, whilst Jayden Williams creates enthusiastic and spiky guitar riffs, complimented by the vital Fraser Bell on bass. This amalgamation of talents is rounded off by none other than James’ Auntie Liss, responsible for the band’s punchy, eighties-infused drums.

In fact, Melissa James (better known as Auntie Liss) might just be responsible for why this band’s sound is so successful. A music career in Sydney’s punk pub-rock scene for over thirty years has equipped Auntie Liss with an intimate knowledge of what successful rock should sound like. This invaluable guidance, combined with the younger members’ unique musical direction, has resulted in a band unlike any other on the current indie rock scene.

Girl and Girl © Jeff Anderson
Girl and Girl © Jeff Anderson

Girl and Girl’s distinctive sound and charisma are excellently epitomised by the “Dance Now” music video, which follows a rather alarming yet perfectly contented chicken-lady. It’s rather hard to explain the video (I suggest you check out the five-minute video on YouTube!) however the pervading, carefree nature of the chicken-lady embodies ‘Dance Now’s’ ethos of enjoying the simple pleasures in life. James suggests; “her deepest desire is just to feel the wind in her wings”, an explanation that captures the innocent joy permeating ‘Dance Now’.

Of course, Girl and Girl have many more thumpers than just “Dance Now,” and their EP Divorce + flaunts their inevitable trajectory as one of Australia’s most influential modern indie-rock bands. My personal favourites on the album include “Strangers,” a desperate, uninhibited narration of the thrill of a night-out with the unknown, as well as “Divorce 2,” a slow burner which is both easy to listen to yet inspires a comfortingly communal feeling of melancholy. The band’s unique sound is complimented by frenetic live performances and their uncompromisable enthusiasm at events such as the 2023 Pitchfork Festival in Paris has curated a captivating reputation.

Girl and Girl © Jeff Anderson
Girl and Girl © Jeff Anderson

Excitingly, Girl and Girl’s debut album Call A Doctor drops May 24, 2024 through Sub Pop Records, and their pre-album releases “Hello,” “Mother” and “Oh Boy!” do not disappoint. My favourite – “Oh Boy!” – exhibits James’ confronting, protracted vocals over classically jittery, sanguine guitar and drums whilst “Mother” delivers a standard indie-rock groover bound to make you move.

Keep an ear out for the band’s upcoming album, and in the meantime, allow “Dance Now” to become the soundtrack to your summer dreams!

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Stream: “Dance Now” – Girl and Girl

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Dance Now - Girl and Girl

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