“I feel happier”: The Japanese House Is All Smiles As of Late :)

The Japanese House ":)" © Carissa Gallo
The Japanese House ":)" © Carissa Gallo
Pure and unadulterated in its joy, The Japanese House’s latest single “:)”- is a beautiful, smile-inducing declaration of love from an enamored, euphoric Amber Bain.
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Prophetic in its declaration of love, “:)” tells the story of a love online turned love in-person on a whim, and if that’s not a modern love song, what is?

With an atmosphere full of syncopated beats and a subtle slide guitar to drive the song, Amber Bain is letting the joy of being happy in love take control of her actions both in her music and in her life and it is riveting to the senses.

smiley face - The Japanese House
smiley face – The Japanese House
Talking to someone,
she lives in the States

She could be anyone,
and we’ve been staying up ’til late

But it’s fine because she said that sometime
Her friend Addi wants to meet me
Magdalena at the Tate?
Well, in three weeks,
I’ll be getting off a plane

Seen it written down,
but how do I pronounce her name?
My friends all say it’s crazy
You know what, maybe it is
Who cares

At its core, the song is simple, the instrumentation builds lightly and ebbs as the song progresses in a way that keeps the ear in tune but does not distract from the overall message of following whims and falling the happy victim to what could have just been an unsuspecting love. This is precisely what makes the song so good: It is not over-produced or clouded by unnecessary instrumentation and vocalizations; it is just indie pop at its finest, and an effortless statement of love.

Between the cadence of the lyricism and the bopping instrumentation, there is something reminiscent of The 1975’s sound. That being said, it is still wholly The Japanese House and branches off wonderfully from the previous work of the artist as it differs quite starkly from the work showcased in In the End It Always Does.

It’s a new side of The Japanese House, and a welcome one at that.

‘Cause something’s happening
I feel happier
I could be losing my mind
But something’s happening



She lived in Detroit, and I was fantasizing about flying to meet her.

“I was in a session at the time for someone else’s stuff, but I couldn’t help this song spilling out of me, I was in some sort of frenzy,” says Bain, as the song essentially tells the tale of her own relationship which began online and after flights and fights with time zones, worked out to become an engagement.

The song is pure fluff, void of heartache and melancholy, instead speaking to the ease with which it is possible to fall in love and find a way to make that love last, regardless (or despite) the distance.

In four weeks, I’ll be getting off a plane
Being home just doesn’t feel the same
My friends all think I’m fine
But I’m just counting down
the days ’til I see her again
The Japanese House ":)" © Carissa Gallo
all smiles: The Japanese House “:)” © Carissa Gallo

Sometimes romanticization is the worst thing you can do because it inflates perception and paints it in gold, but as is proven in this little tune by The Japanese House, sometimes it’s the best thing you can do.

And what starts as a mere digital fantasy, can manifest into a glittering reflection of reality.

It’s modern love, and it’s chronicled for all to hear in a beautiful little song.

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Stream: “:)” – The Japanese House

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smiley face - The Japanese House

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