Ging Aches, Cries, & Dwells in the Depths of “Grief,” a Painful Song of Love, Loss, and Letting Go

Ging © Aska Matsumiya
Ging © Aska Matsumiya
Ging dwells in his own cathartic depths on the achingly intimate, beautifully raw “Grief,” a painful song of love, loss, and letting go.
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Soon you’ll find the space inside, from all that has died, and I’ll be here…

“Just breathe… Just let it leave.” Ging’s hauntingly beautiful “Grief” hurts almost as much as the real thing. The grieving process is complex and, if I’m being completely candid, obscure; it hits differently for everyone. There’s no rhyme or reason as to how and when your heart may suddenly tie itself into knots. Sometimes it’s difficult to breathe. Sometimes, the tears flow like a waterfall, and sometimes they just don’t come at all. You think you should be feeling all these feelings, but instead you feel empty inside – numb to the world and devoid of emotion.

Loss is a monster, and grief is its ghost – the lingering specter that haunts us on end. Ging dwells in his own cathartic depths on his achingly intimate, beautifully raw new single “Grief,” a painful song of love, loss, and letting go.

Grief - Ging
Grief – Ging
All you need,
Is right there if you want it
Just grieve,
Soon you’ll see,
That darling you got it,
Just breathe,
Just let it leave
hold on,
to a thing,
I’ll be here

I can see a place I hold on to, that I must grieve.

Released just in time for Valentine’s Day (on February 10, 2023), “Grief” is a visceral and vulnerable eruption of light from a broken heart’s deepest, darkest spaces. Following last year’s debut album We’re Here, My Dear – which Atwood Magazine recently called a “breathtakingly raw reckoning” – Ging has returned at the top of the year with yet another song to soundtrack are most intense moments of pain and loss.

“Ode to a Love That’s Free”: Ging's (ex-Frank Dukes) Debut Album 'We’re Here, My Dear' Is a Breathtakingly Raw Reckoning


The relatively new musical moniker for Adam King Feeney – who, under the name Frank Dukes (which he recently retired altogether), has been one of Toronto’s most sought-after and acclaimed producers for the past two decades – Ging is a deeply personal artistic project. His debut album mixes ambient, indie, and avant-garde influences into a smorgasbord of coherent music falling somewhere in-between the “experimental alternative” and “indie folk” worlds, whilst his heart-on-sleeve lyrics explore and unpack his relationship with his ex-wife, navigating his experiences both as a partner to her and as a father to their children. His tender, no-holds-barred songwriting is confessional, brutally honest, and unapologetically vulnerable. We’re Here, My Dear is, for all intents and purposes, a soundtrack to a ten-year marriage and its end – and it is within this context that we’re also met with “Grief,” the artist’s first single following that album, and an incredible upheaval still embroiled in the aftermath.

I can see,
a place I hold on to,
That I must grieve,
So believe,
You gave all that I needed,
It’ll set you free,
Just let it be,

There’s a softly stirring turbulence to “Grief” that ripples throughout this tender song. It’s an expressive tension – one that’s present in Ging’s aching lyrics, his trembling voice, his plaintive guitars, and his jarring synths. This song hits like a ton of bricks.

“I thought I had closed a chapter of my life when I finished my album,” Ging tells Atwood Magazine. “I started ‘Grief’ two years ago, but it never came together in a way that made sense for We’re Here, My Dear. Looking back now, perhaps it makes sense that I wasn’t ready to finish this song until now. When we grieve the death of love, we create space for something new to live. This song is about honoring that process and allowing yourself to let go.”

Ging © Aska Matsumiya
Ging © Aska Matsumiya

When we grieve the death of love, we create space for something new to live. This song is about honoring that process and allowing yourself to let go.

Ging slowly builds emotion and energy throughout, eventually spilling all that tension in a tempestuous, tumultuous climax that gnaws at the ears and pulls at the heart: “Soon you’ll find the space inside from all that has died,” he sings, his voice a ragged cry piercing the fourth wall. He holds nothing back in what can only be described as a visceral, guttural scream: “And I’ll be here, I’ll be here.” It’s a moment packed with pain, but also beauty; true to form, grief once again eludes comprehension.

We can feel it, but we’ll never fully understand it.

Soon you’ll find,
The space inside,
From all that has died,
And I’ll be here
I’ll be here
(I’ll be here)

Join Ging and dwell in the depths of “Grief.”

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Stream: “Grief” – Ging

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