Premiere: Brisbane’s SUNFLOWER Energize & Enchant in Anthemic “Get Yourself Together”

SUNFLOWER © Mike Meade, Elite Studio Photography
SUNFLOWER © Mike Meade, Elite Studio Photography
A tender anthem blazing with passion and fervor, SUNFLOWER’s sophomore single “Get Yourself Together” is their “voice of reason in the darkness” – a soulful, heartfelt outpouring of energy that reminds us who we are and why we’re here.
Stream: “Get Yourself Together” – SUNFLOWER
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The world is moving so fast, and we’re all just trying to find our feet in it.

We all tend to lose sight of ourselves after a while: None of us is immune to time’s change, whether we’re in the throes of upheaval, a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, or coming face-to-face with purpose, place, and identity. Life gets the best of us, and sometimes we need a little helping hand from the outside to get back in the groove, recenter ourselves, and move forward. Music can be especially important for moments like these, and Brisbane newcomers SUNFLOWER have just the song to get us on our way.

A tender anthem blazing with passion and fervor, “Get Yourself Together” is SUNFLOWER’s “voice of reason in the darkness” – a soulful, heartfelt outpouring of energy that reminds us who we are and why we’re here.

Get Yourself Together - SUNFLOWER
Get Yourself Together – SUNFLOWER
Last night you told me you love me
The darkest part of the city
Lit up like candles down the street
Whispered your name into the night
As I drove home I called you mine
It tasted sweet like holy wine

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Get Yourself Together,” the catchy, exhilarating second single from Australian five-piece SUNFLOWER. Formed by Kahlia Ferguson (vocals/keys/guitar) and Lawson Doyle (vocals/guitar) and rounded out with lead guitarist Dave Webster, bassist Sam Woods, and drummer Luke Woods, SUNFLOWER first bloomed in May with their debut single “Better Days,” a promising introduction that heralded great things right from the start. In premiering that song, Atwood Magazine‘s Erica Garcia noted how SUNFLOWER create hope in their own way: “through a song that highlights just how important it is to never stop believing that things do get better.”

“Piercing through the silent times and self-isolation, Brisbane-based outfit SUNFLOWER step back into a vintage sound on “Better Days” to remind us that there’s light and hope that’s still to come.”
SUNFLOWER © Mike Meade, Elite Studio Photography
SUNFLOWER © Mike Meade

If “Better Days” was the spark, then “Get Yourself Together” is the flame.

SUNFLOWER’s sophomore single continues the depth and perseverant spirit of its predecessor, waking listeners up with a dynamic roar of lush sounds, tasteful guitar licks, gorgeous vocals, and nuanced harmonies. It’s a feverish rush of feeling sparked by full-throated ahhs and urgent calls-to-action, with the band playing the role of concerned friend and anchor as they remind their audience – whoever needs to hear it – that we have so much to live for, so much love around us, and so much left to do.

The chorus is an avalanche of raw 21st Century indie rock passion:

Every rumour is true
No one for me but you
Everybody knows
You got a lot to prove
You got to get yourself together
Baby it’s now or never
You got to get yourself together
Maybe we can do a little better
You got to get yourself together
Baby I’m not gonna wait forever
Want you to meet me in the middle
And get yourself together, darling

“I wrote ‘Get Yourself Together’ the morning after someone I loved told me that he loved me,” Kahlia Ferguson tells Atwood Magazine. “I went and saw his band playing in the city and afterwards he chased me down the street to let me know. It was all a bit romantic really! I woke up the next morning and I wrote this song to tell him that I felt we had something really special and I wanted to make it work, but there were life changes he needed to make if we were ever going to stand a chance. I think we’ve all had times in our lives when push has come to shove, and we know it’s time to get our sh*t together.”

She continues, “This song was written as an anthem for anyone struggling to get their life back on track. We can all relate to that universal feeling of that push to stop messing around. That push can come in the form of an event or a relationship or an opportunity. The world is moving so fast, and we’re all just trying to find our feet in it.”

SUNFLOWER © Mike Meade, Elite Studio Photography
SUNFLOWER © Mike Meade

Lawson Doyle shares how this song always made sense as their follow-up to “Better Days.” “‘Get Yourself Together’ was a no-brainer when it came to selecting the next single,” Doyle explains. “I felt this song had so much depth and relatability. At our early shows, we saw it resonate strongly with our audience. I know people are going to feel the love and honesty behind this song.”

The band go on to share how the track “holds a mirror up to those who have lost sight of who they are and aims to be a voice of reason in the darkness.”

I’m gonna cross my every line
I know I cannot live a lie
You’re in every corner of my mind
I know you wanna make a change
I know you cannot stay the same
And I know you want the love we make
Every hearsay is cruel
Nothing to do but choose
Everybody knows
You got a lot to prove

Find Yourself Undone in SUNFLOWER’s Carefree Debut Single “Better Days”


SUNFLOWER © Mike Meade, Elite Studio Photography
SUNFLOWER © Mike Meade

“Get Yourself Together” isn’t just for those 20-somethings stuck in a rut, or living in a loop; it’s for all of us who know we’re not living our lives to the fullest – that we are not actively being the best possible version of ourselves. A true-blue anthem for those who need shake things up and retune, SUNFLOWER’s latest makes us feel alive and helps us to thrive. It’s a much-needed kick in the right direction, and it will be here for us whenever we need to hear it.

In addition to premiering their new single, SUNFLOWER have added to the “Get Yourself Together” experience with a stunning music video directed by Alec Schultz and produced by Anna Wareham. It’s an intense, cinematic visual that captures the emotion and passion driving “Get Yourself Together.”

“Shooting this video was a completely transformative experience. For us, it was about taking things to the next level with our band – not just on the production side but in how we convey our meaning behind the music,” Lawson Doyle relates. “Working with Alec Schultz (director) was an eye-opening and exciting experience. He has so many big productions under his belt; he’s worked on Pirates of the Carribean, Aqua Man, Thor & the new Elvis movie. A lot of us, all around the world are doing it tough right now and we wanted this video to be a message to people saying you’re not alone but also, you can get there. There’s a lot of noise and pressure on people to make life changing decisions at the moment and this is a song (& video) that’s meant to say, trust your gut, because it might be the only chance you get.”

Stream SUNFLOWER’s “Get Yourself Together” song and video exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Stream: “Get Yourself Together” – SUNFLOWER

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Get Yourself Together - SUNFLOWER

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