Premiere: Find Yourself Undone in SUNFLOWER’s Carefree Debut Single “Better Days”

SUNFLOWER © Josette Althaus
SUNFLOWER © Josette Althaus
Piercing through the silent times and self-isolation, Brisbane-based outfit SUNFLOWER step back into a vintage sound on “Better Days” to remind us that there’s light and hope that’s still to come.
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Simply writing a song about hope is one thing, but writing one so that the melodies lift up your soul and the lyrics move your heart that you begin to believe again? That’s a completely different ballgame, but it seems like Brisbane-based soul/rock band SUNFLOWER figured out exactly how to do it. After Kahlia Ferguson (vocals/keys/guitar) and Lawson Doyle (vocals/guitar) met at Bluesfest 2019, their connection sparked the birth of a fresh new idea for a music group. With the amazing and undeniable inclusion of lead guitarist Dan Ferguson, bassist Willow Keith, and drummer Luke Woods, the five-piece have created hope in their own way – through a song that highlights just how important it is to never stop believing that things do get better.

Better Days – SUNFLOWER

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering SUNFLOWER’s debut single, “Better Days,” especially during times like these. It’s the shock of optimism that anyone searching for positivity these days would be grateful for.

Broken dreams are yesterday
Life is now and ours today
Heroes lie and lovers fade
Don’t be scared we’re all the same 

SUNFLOWER has a unique groove that’s hard to find many modern-day bands. They’re able to perfectly blend acoustic guitars with a rhythmic 70’s feel. Ferguson’s bluesy tone and Doyle’s touch for rock & roll create an infectious energy – not to mention, the incredible and lively guitar solo that happens in the middle of the song. Perhaps it’s the mix of all these elements along with a flowing band chemistry and touching lyrics that make the band’s call for optimism contagious.

“‘Better Days’ came about in a very roundabout way,” Lawson shares. “Willow and I had just started jamming together and were mucking around this one particular time with different chords and progressions for quite a while, but weren’t getting anywhere. He played this ‘E’ variant chord up the neck and something just clicked for me and I knew where we needed to go from there. We started writing a song focused on hope – this had always been the goal, to write something positive. The whole sentiment of the song is about letting go of your baggage and believing things are getting better. It’s meant to make you feel human and alive.”

From sold-out shows in Melbourne to continuously creating music, the band hasn’t let quarantine or the pause of the live-entertainment world stop them from staying inspired and being inspiring. After revealing that they were working on another song to release, Keith reveals that the timing of “Better Days,” just felt right. “There’s something about hopeful songs that connect deeper and while this year has been a strange and tough one so far,” he says, “I still feel very hopeful for what the future still has in store. I’m excited to be releasing this song and can only hope it resonates with you as much as it does with us.”

You and I were never born to run,
but baby, you and I know
our better days are yet to come.

SUNFLOWER is unique, full of life, and filled with so many stories to share, but it’s no question that they also draw from other artists and bands that give traditional, acoustic sounds distinct twists. Drawing from Oasis melodies and guitar solos that sound like Journey, even Keith’s bass looks similar to Paul McCartney’s. The band’s cool and blended harmonies breathe memories of Fleetwood Mac, and it’s almost as if their sound teases the same hopeful energy. SUNFLOWER’s charm from the streets of Brisbane of the steps of Melbourne still, however, radiate in its own unique light.

‘Better Days (Acoustic) Live in Melbourne’ – SUNFLOWER

Having previously shared the staged with other notable music acts like Dead Kennedys, Wolfmother, Supersuckers, Powderfinger, Jet, Missy Higgins, Busby Marou, Sheppard, The Cat Empire, and The Jungle Giants, SUNFLOWER continues to hint online that they still have a lot to offer the music world on they’re own – and they’ve never been more ready.

“Better Days” breathed sunshine into a time where most everyone remains indoors, and yet, despite all the emptiness, the hope has never been more evident.

With one foot rooted in the past and the other firmly planted in the future, this is SUNFLOWER.

SUNFLOWER by Josette Althaus 2020

With an absolutely inspiring outlook on life and the world and an incredible talent to encapsulate that very same feeling into their songwriting, SUNFLOWER are ready to take on the music world, with more music projects and live shows planned as soon as they’ll be allowed to perform. Keep up with SUNFLOWER here for more info on all their latest music, and stream “Better Days” today exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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