Video Premiere: Darkness Rises in Heavenalive’s “Monster”

Monster Heavenalive

We all have good and bad within us – warm and cold poles that drive us toward and from various in-the-moment emotions. On his debut single “Monster,” indie act Heavenalive explores the emergence of our inner darkness and how quickly one can become engulfed in the extremes.

Oh Those curls
And twisted hands
In that bed
With baby’s rag
Big brown eyes
Don’t wanna see
So let’s pretend that it’s just me
Watch: “Monster” – Heavenalive

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Monster,” the debut single from Heavenalive. The new project from LA-based artist Aaron Silverstein, Heavenalive explore the intersection of rock, blues, deviousness and fun in their first offering – the most notable aspect of this introduction is certain its abounding, relentless energy! That electricity translates over into Heavenalive’s music video, which faithfully displays the shadows lurking just out of view.

Monster - Heavenalive
Monster – Heavenalive
Oh we see her door closed
And we make like we’re on our own
But little boys know keep it down
Little boy feet
Because when she wakes up
she shakes us and takes us to our knees
Once again
Take time
Take time to hide your head
That monster’s real
Oh the days get long
When your eyes stay open
But you never get tired
praying she starts choking again

Directed by Aaron Silverstein, the “Monster” music video mainly features actress Sharice Russell giddily dancing her heart out in a giant, non-descript room. “The idea was to depict a young woman having as much innocent fun as possible – dancing and twirling in a place that was cute, maybe even beautiful, but clearly not reality,” explains Silverstein. “Before she has a a chance to truly grasp the situation, she’s faced with something terrible that eventually consumes her and her innocence. The whole video was shot in a single day, but took months to plan and choreograph. The producer, Christine Sohail and I decided to switch lead dancers 7 days before the shoot, giving Sharice just a week to learn the moves and get into character. Sharice learned everything effortlessly and we couldn’t be happier or more proud of her or the other dancers.”

Heavenalive © 2017
Heavenalive © 2017
Smile again
Tuck that shirt
Because in the end when it all
burns down you’ll love those words

Just you wait
Feel it now
Because baby boys gonna burn you up
if you keep them around

“Monster” is incredibly evocative, faithfully capturing the emergence of the demon inside. Innocence succumbs to a larger force in this debut: We watch the darkness take over, consuming a purity and transforming it into something most of us are a little more familiar with. Oddly enough, it is the balance of a dark/light combination that feels the most human in this performance: It feels like Russell undergoes a change from naive childhood to knowing adulthood.

A promising introduction from a very new entity, “Monster” digs into our subconscious, offering us food for thought on how we deal with positivity and negativity in our own spheres. Join Heavenalive and wallow in the extremes through Atwood Magazine’s exclusive premiere!

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Monster - Heavenalive

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