Premiere: “Think Twice” Is an Undeniably Fun Stay at the ‘Hotel Fiction’

Hotel Fiction © Sydonne' Blake
Hotel Fiction © Sydonne' Blake
Athens, GA indie duo Hotel Fiction shine on latest single, “Think Twice,” a dynamic and impossibly fun recounting of a date gone wrong.
Stream: “Think Twice” – Hotel Fiction
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When close friends make music together, there’s often an undeniable magic in their songs, a sonic snapshot of the fun had while writing and playing together. Such is the case for Hotel Fiction, a duo comprised of best friends Jade Long and Jessica Thompson. And their latest single, “Think Twice,” is a dynamic example of both their talent and creative chemistry.

Think Twice - Hotel Fiction
Think Twice – Hotel Fiction

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Athens, GA indie pop/rock duo’s latest single, “Think Twice,” releasing independently October 23, 2020. Though Long and Thompson have both played music for over ten years, they made their debut as Hotel Fiction in August 2019. Over the last year or so, they’ve released a string of singles spanning across genres, but “Think Twice,” produced by Tommy Trautwein (Well Kept and We Bought a Zoo Records), feels like a grand reentrance for the duo, effortlessly capturing their chemistry, and the fun they had bringing this song to life.

I was doing just fine
‘Til you walked up frozen in time
Now I’m caught up
With all of these words on my mind
Your eyes intoxicate me like white wine
So it’s been taking me some time
To get back up on my feet

“’Think Twice’ was one of the first songs we wrote together as a band,” Hotel Fiction tell Atwood Magazine. “It actually started with the outro first; we got so lost hearing the chords and melody the first time and ended up playing it for hours. The lyrics started off as a story about a first date gone wrong, but quickly turned into an upbeat song we couldn’t leave alone.” The song begins with a voiceover, a dubbed “Enjoy your stay at the Hotel Fiction!” over Long’s bouncy piano chords, fading into dynamic synths. “Think Twice” solidifies its status as a true bop on the chorus, belted by the duo with feeling, inviting anyone who might hear to sing along.

So what’s wrong if it’s right
And you know you’re my type
Cause I’m losing my mind
While you don’t think twice

Most notably, the song ends with an outro that lasts over a minute and a half, showcasing Hotel Fiction’s wide-ranging talent. Beginning with slow stripped-down piano, the instrumentation builds with electric guitar and crashing drums, fading back to piano in the end. It’s the kind of musical moment that indicates much fun was had in the making of the song.

Hotel Fiction © Sydonne' Blake
Hotel Fiction © Sydonne’ Blake

“The creative process was a blast;” Hotel Fiction says, “we even had our roommates contribute some lines. In all honesty, it felt like we wouldn’t use the song after we wrote it. We played around with the timings and chords for a long time, but we just couldn’t find “it.” That all changed when we got into the studio. The funky synths, solos and eccentric intro seemed to glue the song together— now [“Think Twice” is] easily one of our favorites.”

But I won’t settle down
I won’t settle, I won’t settle I won’t settle down

It’s safe to say that “Think Twice” is one of our favorites too. Listen to “Think Twice” today, exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and tomorrow wherever you listen to music!

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Stream: “Think Twice” – Hotel Fiction
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Think Twice - Hotel Fiction

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