Today’s Song: Hudson Taylor’s “Back to You” Beautifully Showcases the Art of Simplicity

Back to You - Hudson Taylor
Hudson Taylor bring it back to basics and capture the beauty of simplicity in their latest single “Back to You.”
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Listen: “Back to You” – Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor’s newest release is the quintessential, feel-good folk tune. In a climate where simple things can no longer be taken for granted, tracks like “Back to You” are exactly what people need.

Back to You – Hudson Taylor

From the chorus “Heys” to the “Oohs” and those iconic Hudson Taylor harmonies, the boisterous duo has folk ballads down to an exact formula. Set in the backdrop of an Irish tourism campaign, “Back to You” sees the pair serenading a group of swimmers at dawn in Bray Harbour and even going as far as to bring their own bodhrán to the pier.

The track, video, and aesthetic captured is the epitome of feel-good anthems. It’s Hudson Taylor at their most Hudson Taylor, going just that small step beyond the stripped basics of their previous acoustic EP to this polished and infectious folk ballad that you can’t resist tapping along to. While the bright and colourful elements would lend themselves to summer anthems, this injection of colour onto radio airwaves is exactly what the people need on those grey and dreary autumn afternoons.

Speaking about the track, the group said: “‘Back To You’ is a song about an unstoppable connection to someone or something, even though it breaks your heart to go there. The song came together very quickly – we wanted to write something simple and fun.”

Sometimes simplicity is key. As pop music grows more sophisticated, complex, and political, sometimes we forget the purpose of music’s most accessible genre; to offer an escape. These optimistic ballads are there to provide aural relief; whether you’re trapped in an endless commute, psyching yourself up for another Monday, or simply taking a minute to yourself on lunch. “Back to You” offers that perfect concoction of optimistic energy that rejuvenates you with every listen, bursting with a buoyancy that never diminishes.

Although “Back to You” springs to life with a lively and boisterous, it never overwhelms. It snags the listener’s attention with gentle persuasion, never jarring or alarming. It’s the track for all moods, never too upbeat, always an easy listen. It’s an accessible folk ballad that offers relief amidst the masses of robust and convoluted music releases that 2019 has graced us with.

Never mistake the simplicity of Hudson Taylor for a bad thing. “Back to You” is simple but effective. In this overly complex world where not even the politicians can keep up with the politics, it’s imperative that we keep the simple things simple. When said simple things are few and far between, it’s vital that we cherish them while we can.

Listen: “Back to You” – Hudson Taylor

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