Playlist: Teesside’s jak lvr Celebrates North East England’s Indie Scene

Jak Lvr © Milly Hutchcraft
Jak Lvr © Milly Hutchcraft
Today, Teesside newcomer jak lvr shares his North East Indie playlist, showcasing some of his favorite up-and-coming artists and influences from England’s northern provinces!
The brand new indie pop project of former Llovers co-frontman Jack Brooks, jak lvr debuted earlier this year with “Still,” an evocative uproar whose guitar swells and impassioned vocals crumbled around the ears with passionate energy and mesmerizing charm. He recently returned with the buoyant and intimately expressive “Take a Ride,” a catchy sophomore offering whose laid back vibe and colorful instrumentation make it perfect for the start of summer. “‘Take A Ride’ is about feeling ground down over time, struggling with the day-to-day but having someone that makes the whole thing a little easier,” jak lvr shared upon the song’s release. “I like the sentiment that romanticism comes from a place like that. Like a light at the end of the tunnel of cynicism.”
Needless to say we are excited to take many a ride with jak lvr, whose hypnotic sounds and vulnerable lyrics make for music in which we can fully immerse ourselves. With his debut EP ‘Call It Love (If You Want To)’ scheduled for release September 10th, jak lvr promises to be on our indie pop radar for many months to come. Today, however, he invites us to “take a ride” with some of his own favorite local acts from the North East: Discover the sounds of Dylan Cartlidge, Luke Royalty, Jodie Nicholson, Trunky Juno, and many more in our North East indie playlist!
“These artists are some of the best of the upcoming talent in the North East. There are so many great characters and intelligent musicians in this playlist. Hopefully these tracks will give you a glimpse into the wondrous plethora of talent to be found out of this small section of England. It’s merely the tip of the iceberg.” – jak lvr
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‘jak lvr’s North East Indie playlist’

North East Indie

by jak lvr

Take a Ride - jak lvr

Dylan Cartlidge – Anything Could Happen (Superorganism Remix)

Dylan’s killing. I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s doing everything right when he’s got Superorganism remixing his latest track ‘Anything Could Happen’. Insane.

Luke Royalty – I Do

Luke just vibes. He’s been working out his sound for a little and now he’s found it his talent and ear for a tune shines through. Really cool, chill earworms.

Jodie Nicholson – Move

I particularly love this track from Jodie because it hit me as quite a left turn. She does a lot of folk and acoustic music which is equal as luscious but the way her voice glides over those cool dance beats on ‘Move’ gives me goosebumps.

Trunky Juno – Favourite Show

When you want some funky fresh production with some great depth to the sound Trunky Juno is the man. Great lyrics, great voice & his greatest asset of all, unique.

Marketplace – Charlie

This track bops. It’s that simple. Marketplace are sick. Those twinkling guitars and pop hooks create an unforgettable moment to moment listening experience in their tracks.

Martha Hill – Change

Martha Hill’s one of those songwriters with an undeniable talent for making you listen out for the lyrics in her tracks. It’s some sort of voodoo that makes her lyrics so endearing, she has me hanging on every word & I don’t know how or why.

Mt. Misery – In the Blink of an Eye

This track is like the sun blooming on the horizon. Mt. Misery’s music is so warm and conscious. They’d provide the perfect soundtrack to a cute, easy watching indie movie.

Michael Gallagher – Call My Name

Michael’s Hartlepool through and through. Salt of the earth & his music is just the same. Great melodies, great real world context, unrivaled passion.

Komparrison – Dancing with Demons

I remember the first time I saw Komparrison live and they just blew me away. Great voices, their harmonies were insane and they were so funny. They’ve mutated into a full 5 piece band now and their talent is more clear than ever. I love the minimalist production on this track. Can’t wait to see how they evolve further.

Mr. Matthew Fisher – Mr. Bank Holiday

I think of everyone in this list Fish is up there with the most excited I get when his tracks come on. He’s found something in his songwriting and production that is just completely his own. People need to wake up to this guy, he’s got something special.

Brooke Bentham – Control

Brooke is one of my favourite North-East artists. I can listen to her for hours. Her voice captures her vulnerability and strength in this symbiotic way that hits such a raw place within me. Amazing.

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Take a Ride - jak lvr

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