Review: LA’s Laica Soars with Radiantly Seductive Songs “Childish” & “Sanctuary”

Laica © Cooper Leith
Laica © Cooper Leith
Los Angeles up-and-comer Laica soars and stuns in “childish” and “sanctuary,” a dazzling set of intimate R&B-laced indie pop songs taken off her forthcoming debut album.
Stream: ‘Childish / Sanctuary’ – Laica

A cool wash of dazzling sound washes over the senses in Laica’s new double-single, seducing the ears as she cements her place in our hearts. Radiantly seductive and alluring, Laica soars and stuns in “childish” and “sanctuary,” a shining set of intimate R&B-laced indie pop songs.

Childish / Sanctuary - Laica
Childish / Sanctuary – Laica
Purple haze in the moonlight
When I am losing my mind
Bass up and never fast
Bad days they never last
It’s never cold when you’re close
Remember younger days
And If only I could change
The fact that you’re not here
If only you were here
Everyday I’m losing sight
Don’t mind me I’ll be alright
Stay for one more night,
till sunrise
– “sanctuary,” Laica

Released May 11, 2021 via indie label Dreams Never Die (formerly the HillyDilly), “childish” and “sanctuary” arrive this spring as the latest tease off Laica’s forthcoming debut album, i’m so fine at being lonely. Following April’s double-release “love u lately” and “out of touch,” Laica;s two newest tracks shimmer and pulse as the Philippines-raised, LA-based artist explores and unveils her innermost depths. Catchy and connective in different ways, both songs put the West Coast newcomer’s vocal, lyrical, and melodic prowess on full display.

She shines with effervescent might in the “sanctuary” chorus:

Welcome to my sanctuary
You might think this place is ordinary
This is where I run and hide
everything I hold inside
– “sanctuary,” Laica

“‘Sanctuary’ is as literal as it can get,” Laica tells Atwood Magazine. “There are lines such as “Every day I’m losing sight” which could be seen as dark, but I mean it literally—my eyesight is horrible. When I speak of my sanctuary, I am referring to the comfort of my own room and how much peace it brings me regardless of whether I have a bad day or not. I would call it an introvert’s anthem.”

Laica © Cooper Leith
Laica © Cooper Leith

A buoyant, colorful immersion, “santuary” embraces the indie pop anthem aesthetic with grace. Meanwhile, A-side “childish” finds Laica rising to confront toxic people and the toxic relationships they bring into our lives:

I’m sure you’ve got your reasons why
you’re so fucked up what’s in your mind?

Tell me what it’s gonna be
stay childish or grow up with me?
What a hypocrite,
You say one thing, do the other
Hobbies mess around with another
Entertaining other chicks
You say she’s just a friend but you don’t have to pretend
I can see right through your lies
Do you say that cause you don’t wanna see me with other guys
Good luck trying to find someone like me, when I say goodbye
Listen closely now, look in my eyes
– “childish,” Laica

“‘Childish’ is about warning someone that you’re done with their BS and want to set things straight and be more mature in a relationship, otherwise walking away from someone that isn’t healthy for you,” Laica explains. “This song meant a lot for me to even write, ’cause I used to be a pushover and let myself get walked over until I woke up one day, realizing that I shouldn’t be treated that way.”

Each one highlighting another side to Laica’s blossoming multidimensionality, “childish” and “sanctuary” resonate with depth, nuance, and character.

They are the latest in a fast-growing set of songs that, in the wake of her 2020 debut EP Forever, affirm Laica as a promising artist on the verge of a very well-deserved breakout. Be on the front lines of this stunningly fresh act and listen to her vibrant new songs “childish” and “sanctuary,” out now.

i’m so fine at being lonely is out later this year.

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Stream: ‘Childish / Sanctuary’ – Laica

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Childish / Sanctuary - Laica

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